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Disaster Empty Disaster

Post by Spirit-Being March 30th 2010, 7:33 pm

I would like to share a dream that i had last night that was very vivid, some of the dream jumps from one thing to another, so i hope it makes sense, if anyone would like to help Interpret this dream i would be most grateful.

(I do not take any medications in real life as mentioned in the dream, thought this might provide important info in understanding the dream)


I walked into a little shop at the train station, i met a man there he was a bit out of the ordinary, but that didn't bother me. I remember sitting down at a table with this man, he asked if i wanted to take a pill called Welbutrin (Which is a medication licensed doctors prescribe for Chemical Imbalance's) i told the man sure ill take it, i grabbed the pill and swallowed it. Next he asked me if i wanted to take a Vicodin (Which is a medication licensed doctors prescribe for Pain), i said sure ill take one, so i started biting the pill in half, and then i thought this may not be so good to take this on top of the other pill, so i asked the man sitting behind the counter at the register if he thought it was okay to mix the two, he said i don't think so. I spit out the pill i had chewed up into some tin foil with the other half and remembered saving it for later.

The next thing i remember is a zip lock bag with paper money tossed inside the bag with some other odds and ends like a napkin, some change, and some other stuff. I looked over at the table i was sitting at earlier and saw tarot cards in several piles on the table, and the man that offered me a pill was sitting in front of the tarot cards. Now i don't remember who asked but i made a wager with the man, as he said he could guess every card before he flipped it. As he began flipping some cards he predicted some and others i saw him turning the card just a little so he could see what it was before flipping it, i didn't say anything as this man was homeless and i knew he needed to win this wager. After all the cards were flipped i said good job and reached into the zip lock bag and handed him a five dollar bill, he was very happy, the second he got that bill it was spent, im not exactly sure what he had bought, but i knew it was spent foolishly. But i was okay with it, money didn't mean very much to me, so i accepted it.

The scene changes and now im standing in a big city with sky scapers everywhere (I think it was Chicago). I remember knowing something very important, possibly from the encounter with the man at the shop. I knew a massive earthquake was on its way, and i quickly looked around for the best place to survive this quake.

So many skyscrapers i thought, were do i find safety? but there was one building close by in eyes view, that was rectangular with 2 floors. I hurried for this building, but now i remember a friend was with me, it was the man from the shop that gave me the pills and a prediction of cards. We both ran inside this building, and i looked towards one corner of the room, and realized that the best place was to stand with back against the wall when this quake happened. People were walking around shopping going about their business, i'm not sure why they did not know the quake was coming.

A rumbling sound started underneath i was frightened, people were screaming, and running for their lives. The sounds that came from the building crumbling were very loud, the lights went out but was still able to see the ceiling above cracking-popping down the middle, the pipes burst above us with water gushing through the cracks, the ceiling split in two, both sides fell to the floor, and one side started tipping towards myself and the other people nearby. The place was filled with water, and the ceiling was on its way crashing down on our heads. ---BOOOOM--- as the ceiling hit me, i went into shock, i did not know what had happened, i was in a daze, but i did manage to climb up above on top of the angled floor, as it rest against the wall. Standing on the highest point i could see many dead, many crying, and many hurt & bleeding. One woman called out to me for help, she was a dark skinned woman about five feet from me, reaching her hand out, i looked at her for a second in shock of what had just happened, and i put my hand out and met hers, and pull her out of the rubble, she was so thankful, and i was very happy to have saved her.

I told the people standing next to me to stay put, im going to try and climb outside and take a look at whats happened to the city. When i got outside it was a disaster area, i remember seeing 5 skyscrapers in the distance about 3,000 - 5,000 feet away, lined up Vertically. Then the Rumbling started once again and this was much louder this time, i heard metal beams bending, the sound was shrieking and extremely scary, it ran through my entire body. As i looked back at those scrapers, they starting leaning and collapsing one by one.

This is the end of the dream.

Can you imagine the sound a building that tall would make? I heard the exact sound and loudness of it during this dream and i've never been more scared & shocked in my entire life upon awakening.

What this dream means i have no idea, could it be prophetic or could it just be symbolic?

Many Blessings

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Disaster Empty Re: Disaster

Post by sweet green ginger August 30th 2010, 8:23 am

This is a very interesting dream, and I have to confess, I love reading dreams.

You may not agree with my interpretation however, Spirit-Being...

I could interpret every phrase but often as not this is an unsuccessful approach. A couple of points might be best.

Starting from 'So many skyscrapers...one building close by...rectangular with two floors...'

Have you ever seen diagrams of chemical configurations of molecules, molecular chains etc and how they are linked in geometric style patterns? Well a molecular structure pattern was made available to you in the above quoted part of your dream. With the insight into this formula, the enthusiastic bestower was giving sort of a sales rap to you on what it would mean for people etc in the future - I think it is to do with a drug for 'rheumatics'.

A someone, who is a little frustrated or a bit OCD is trying to give some one what they think is a lightening bolt of genius for a new drug composition. For some reason, you were like a beacon and able to 'download' this info but it is beyond you and you weren't interested enough. The 'quake' is what the sender believed the information to be like, monumental....but you could barely nod your way, so to speak, through the involved 'article', before it had quite frankly sent you back to sleep...you weren't interested.

You like tangible earthy things like food, opening a box with a mail order book, new shoes...things like that I think. But I am not saying you are boring or not spiritual.

You switched off and turned your mind to things like your metabolism, and I think the second last paragraph of the actual dream is along the lines of what you tend to turn your mind to in your being yourself moments - food and your metabolism, all the rumblings etc from food like maybe beans or good bread or even lentils/vegetables. Its like you respond by saying yeah well, all that stuff [your] trying to tell me...pff...you should hear my account of what I ate today!

Your recount of your diet in this dream state would be like how someone would describe the day in the life of a superhero, and you are....I am not undermining you. And I think your digestion and gut health is in pretty good order btw.

Exactly when you finish the part 'I went into shock', you realized that you weren't getting the interest in your counter account of 'important' info. And the 'other' had gone quiet, and had realized something, and at that moment, you realized too....that you had missed something.

Then something very wonderful happens, the whole gist transforms - you had been tested or your higher self believed you had been tested and you came through in great form. Underneath your dramatic superhero recount of your daily routines and kind of almost childlike enthusiasm is a something within that recognises choices to be made on true spiritual values - and they are deep. The part where this more deeper or higher recognition occurs is where it says, 'One woman called out to me for help...'

And then the dream account changes again on the last paragraph of the dream. I don't know why you were to turn away from their knowledge of the new drug that could supposedly make a ground breaking and significant impact on people. I guess I could take some guesses.

In the last paragraph, you go back to the kind of ra ra ra kind of boyish enthusiasm about this and that - that sort of now is like a ruse, because then its like you shout to whoever might hear you something to the effect of 'Oh yeah, well guess what, if you think that is so hunky dory, then....

and you give a short and explicit embodiment of your faith, your belief, and its simple and ts undefined - its just there, well there is certainly gem of faith present.

When the dream initially began, you were very confused about a lot of spiritual ideas and 'truths'. The dream sequence in its conclusion was able to validate to you that even though there is a multitude of stuff that you think might be spiritually important, might be true - the one thing you can count on is that you know like a metal sink deep within you - that many things of the world fall away.

You chose right for you. I do still think that someone is trying to find a recipient to pass this information on though - I don't understand the intricacies of these things, and probably wouldn't like to assume further on it.

sweet green ginger
sweet green ginger

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Disaster Empty Re: Disaster

Post by Sparrowhawk November 11th 2010, 5:46 pm


The dream is preparing the consciousness for what will feel like a disaster.

You should by now, know that the time since then has shown this to be true.

You should also know that all prior foundations need to be leveled before new growth can occur. The dream sounds bad, but it not bad, it is just necessary. An old forest is not healthy unless the occasional fire burns away the dead branches and undergrowth.

You should have had some dreams of death,tornadoes, train wrecks, car wrecks, atom bombs or things of that nature; around the same time frame.

The dreams then unfold into dreams of "babies" ; the Divine rebirth of consciousness. Yet you may not be through the turbulence just yet. The dreams which will show the end of the destruction and new beginning will come as the emotional turmoil which needs to surface is faced and new choices are made.

A great book at this time would be "The Shadow Effect" , it may be helpful in speeding and easing the transition. It gets easier .....

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Disaster Empty Re: Disaster

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