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Moon Mood Alert

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Moon Mood Alert Empty Moon Mood Alert

Post by mia April 10th 2010, 3:37 am

Daily Mood Alert.

If this site is not updated try http:/www.blog.moodalert.com

9th - 10th April 2010

We are now just a matter of three or four days short of the New Moon and this means that tensions will be running high with increased nervous restlessness and anxiety. In addition there may be a tendency towards friction and dissent within relationships, with the possibility of powerful arguments, division, and lack of joint understanding.

On the other hand moods and emotions may enjoy rather more zestfulness than of late with a more vibrant, encouraging and stimulating atmosphere. At the same time feelings may incline towards uncertainty, doubt and pessimism and this illustrates how fickle this mood scenario really is.

As on previous days the Venus/Mercury alignment adds balance against some of the harsher elements of this current alert period. Although this alignment is beyond its peak it will still contribute to harmonious, gentle, and charming inclinations with very definite passions. These may be strong and determined and filled with ideas, fantasies, and diversions of the mind that may be hard to contain and control as powerful emotions exert influence.

Another factor of this mood situation may be a ready disposition to affection, intimacy, or an above average need to feel loved and appreciated. On the other hand where these feelings are not reciprocated or simply not capable of realisation there may be a strong sense of rejection with a powerful degree of isolation and loneliness.

Coming days will see a noticeable increase in tension and anxiety as we lead up to the next New Moon and the following days will see a roller coaster of moods as the Moon aspects with numerous planets in quick succession.

Alert is 7. Moon 19% illuminated.


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Moon Mood Alert Empty Re: Moon Mood Alert

Post by Spirit-Being April 10th 2010, 1:53 pm

Much of this fits me to a tee the last couple days, i have been very stressed, as the air has grown a bit cooler at night and a few of the vegetable plants in the garden, have been affected by the chilly weather. Also i can relate to a feeling of loneliness & isolation. Great information Mia thanks Dreaming

Many Blessings

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