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Pain burns up the Ego.......

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Pain burns up the Ego....... Empty Pain burns up the Ego.......

Post by Sparrowhawk July 1st 2010, 1:47 pm

It has been written by those far wiser than I,
that to seek the Soul ..........
antogonizes the Ego.
It lashes out and strikes the body.
The insanity plea of the Ego is thus,
turn back or I will crush you in pain!
Most use the pain to play "victim roles",
some use it more wisely and refuse to give way.
The pain then becomes the flames which burn up the Ego.
From the ashes rise a new creation,
this is the mystery of the Phoenix rising.
So if you are in pain ............
let it not become suffering.
Use the pain to light the fires of transmutation.
Run from nothing, face everything,
great strength will build in YOU.
Give not in to fear or worry,
courage is building as this fire burns.
Slow down your frantic pace and listen for your heartbeat.
Breath in deeply and slowly,
and reflect on every thought which arises.
Close your eyes in solitude and silence,
can you hear the sound that is not a sound?
A new year approaches ............
all things change,
Which direction will you choose?
Run away from that which ails you or
face it until it is no more?

Love and peace
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