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True Courage

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True Courage Empty True Courage

Post by Sparrowhawk July 1st 2010, 2:38 pm

Daily Life gives us every opportunity to gain true courage......

This is not gained by facing lions and tigers and bears

Today those are faced with guns and only provide for arrogance.....

No....True courage is standing up to those closest us!

What? What does that mean???

Try to be who you truly are and you will quickly come to realize.......

Those around you tend to stand in your way!

Discouraging you in every way in every day........


If there were no resistance, how would you gain courage?

When I was sitting on top a mountain looking out to sea.......

I could not help but notice........

The sky and the sea were both the same color blue!

If not for water vapor creating a parting line......

You would not be able to distinguish between water and air!

Now if all was that color, you would not see a thing......

Differences provide that which needed to grow, to gain!

Stand up and no longer fear "Being Different".......

The difference will help you gain courage......

True courage!

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