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The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception

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The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception Empty The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception

Post by WriterRod July 6th 2010, 10:47 pm

The sixth sense, which is commonly referred to as ESP (Extrasensory Perception), is considered to be any experience, intuition, or obtaining of knowledge that comes by means other than the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, or taste. It is through this higher sensing that we communicate with other dimensions that we generally label as “spirit world” for lack of better terminology and understanding.

Most people have occasional experiences with such things throughout life, but often brush them off as déjà vu, coincidence, luck, or simply a weird occurrence. However, the functioning of our sixth sense is controllable and can be sharpened to such a point that it is something that we can depend upon as a tangible and daily process, effectively leading, guiding and directing us through our journey.

To make it easier for the mind to grasp, think of these other dimensions as radio waves. We can tune into different waves of communication by adjusting the tuning knob on the radio until we reach higher or lower frequencies. High tech radios actually have two tuning knobs. One for finding a desired station and the other for fine-tuning that particular frequency until the message comes in crisp and clear.

Many world renowned quantum physicists have presented a theory which is just beginning to touch upon this phenomenon. They refer to this as string theory and it basically reveals that there exist other dimensions (as many as eleven), although the number is disagreed upon. Regardless, science is catching up to spiritual experience and revealing that much, much more lies beyond what our five physical senses can detect.

As we pursue exercises of meditation, prayer, spiritual study, divination, etc, we “tune in” to these other dimensional frequencies more easily. As we continue pursuing these exercises (exercising the parts of our being (higher senses) that are sensitive to these various energy (spiritual) wavelengths), we “fine-tune” our sixth sense and, thus, experience more communication from these unseen dimensions. The more we practice and use our sixth sense (or “gifts”, as it is often referred to), the more frequently we have these experiences and the more fine-tuned they become.

What’s more, having a sixth sense is not for select persons. Everyone has the ability to operate in and navigate these other worldly dimensions. The human being is designed to walk in a heightened “spiritual” experience, operating in a high definition of Extrasensory Perception.
So, what stops most from operating in a higher perception of frequencies? There are several factors which can hinder our attempts at developing our tuning apparatuses.

Faith – Of course, one will not put forth any sort of effort to build and strengthen something which they don’t believe exists. The first step in tapping into your sixth sense is to believe and acknowledge it is there. A closed mind, or even a partial one, will hamper efforts to mature the sixth sense.
If you take an honest look at strange, coincidental, or even unexplainable things that happen in your life, I’m confident that you will accept that this sort of thing has played out numerous times in your life.

Knowledge – If one doesn’t have a workable knowledge and understanding of how these things might work, then progression will be quite limited, even if a great deal of practice is pursued. Digging into information which has something to do with such experiences is the best course of action. Of course, there is a lot of bogus information which exists, but as you increase your ability to fine-tune your “gifts”, the easier it will be to determine what the truth is and what is unacceptable or questionable.

However, information that is questionable is not necessarily errant, but could just simply be out of your particular range of understanding at the time of ingestion and may eventually explode like a ray of piercing light at a later date. I have studied (and continue to study) everything spiritual, psychological, scientific, etc that I can get my hands on about this kind of phenomenon for the past 30+ years and I have had this experience many, many times.

The best practice when you don’t fully understand something, but cannot throw it aside as bogus, is to file it away under “questionable” in the recesses of your mind. One day, that filed info may fill in a piece of the greater puzzle, causing you to propel even higher into your experience.

Practice – Practice is a key element in any form of betterment or progression. Even in our natural world, if we don’t practice a talent, gift, election, or other objective, we won’t excel. This is simply common sense. However, we often become so busy that we spend very little time at all delving into those things which can provide us with more sensitivity to extrasensory phenomenon (or spiritual experiences).

Time needs to be taken to meditate, pray, practice and experiment with other forms of opening our minds and sensitizing our spirits and intuitive perception. Many people fear experimentation with things they don’t understand. However, I have found this to be a great help in achieving heightened spiritual awareness (and, by the way, I have never had a “bad” experience while doing so). Possessing an explorative nature helps to open up possibilities which we would never consider otherwise. Most great inventions and revelations come from such explorers who are not afraid to go where others won’t tread.

This post simply brushes the surface, but I hope it will assist any who feel a twinge of desire to pursue spiritual growth. We live in a time where the desire to know, understand and operate in true spirituality is exploding. Cooperatively, people from all walks of life, from all over the world, are attaining new heights in spiritual awareness and it’s because we are throwing off the shackles of doubt, ignorance and laziness to press forward into unseen places which call to us with vibrations that remind us of “home”.

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The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception Empty Re: The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception

Post by Spirit-Being July 13th 2010, 1:30 pm

Wonderful Post WriterRod

It hit home for sure, i used to practiced Meditation & Prayer daily for quite some time, i saw amazing changes within myself and my perception of the world. I eventually stopped the practices, and found i went back to my old self, unaware.

This one line stood out for me:

WriterRod wrote:Practice – Practice is a key element in any form of betterment or progression

If it couldn't be more clearer for me, like a slap in the face Duh

Many Blessings

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The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception Empty Re: The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception

Post by sunmystic November 30th 2011, 12:35 pm

When one is empathic which includes telepathic, they become aware of the fact that all minds are connected to each other. From there it is just a matter of tuning. Tuning in to what you want to access and tuning out what you do not wish to access. Listening to seven billion minds at once can be a bit overwhelming and that is just the people on this planet and does not include all of the other minds that exist in creation. I was born empathic so I did not need to develop it. My life challenge has been to learn how to not be over whelmed by it.

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The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception Empty Re: The Sixth Sense: Fine Tuning Spiritual Reception

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