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Working With Unique Crystal Energy

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Working With Unique Crystal Energy Empty Working With Unique Crystal Energy

Post by WriterRod July 6th 2010, 10:50 pm

Crystals are quite interesting and potent to work with. Their unique ability to receive, store and release energy is well known, both in the spiritual and technical world. Crystals are used in TVs, computers, cell phones, satellites, etc because of their capacity to receive and transmit informational energy. They operate the same way in spiritual use.

I often use crystals in my work and they are especially effective in healing, especially of physical, emotional and mental states. There are two main functions which I use crystals for (and, in particular, a beautiful crystal wand I came upon some years back).

1. Because of a crystal's receiving ability, they are excellent tools for drawing out negative energy from someone. I have successfully healed physical, mental and emotional problems by extracting the source of the negative energy from the afflicted. You are removing disruptive negative energy from the person's body, psyche, or soul.

However, it is important to then take the crystal to a protected place within your spiritual "realm" and release that energy (privately, away from the "patient" and away from other susceptible "receivers"). Negative energy has a tendency to reattach by filling a void, so it takes some understanding and practice to effectively release the negative energy in such a way as to not negatively affect yourself or someone else. Protection and containment meditations are great for learning this.

NOTE: Most crystals require cleansing after use to "decontaminate" them from the residue of negative energy. After safely releasing the negative energy, wash the crystal in salt water (except for crystals that dissolve in water. These should be placed in earth for cleansing). Because they are so often used for inner work, it is also good to "calibrate" its vibrations by placing it in an area during a full moon in order for it to absorb the gentle, lunar vibrations which are known to affect the emotional state of humankind. This, in essence, sensitizes the vibrational energy of the crystal with the soft vibrations of lunar reflective energy which makes the tool more sensitive to emotional needs (both of you and others).

2. Because of a crystal's ability to surgically focus and pinpoint energy, they are excellent tools for doing "surgical" inner work on someone. Again, this can be used for physical, mental, or emotional work, when someone needs laser beam like energy focused into a specific area. In this case, you are transmitting your energy through the crystal and into the person for a desired effect. The crystal doesn't require cleansing after such a use because the Source's energy is flowing through you and, therefore, through the crystal and driving out any negative energy, not absorbing it.

Of course, crystals can also be used by carrying them on your person, or using them as focal points for directed meditations. (Refer to my last post entitled True Power Behind Spiritual Objects which will address the dynamics of this use much better.) I use specific crystals in such a way to help my mind stay focused throughout the day on a specific desire which I want to manifest. Physically, touching or looking at the crystal provides the mind with a renewed visualization of what it is you're trying to manifest and, thus, provides renewed energy to manifest it.

Studying the various types of crystals available and their vibrational characteristics will assist in choosing the most effective crystal for a selected purpose. Doing so will provide you with the best source to manifest your desire.

Continue to learn about, use and better understand your spiritual relationship with crystals. They can be powerful stepping stones into deeper connections to your subconscious energy storehouses, as well as effective tools in manifesting desired results.

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Working With Unique Crystal Energy Empty Re: Working With Unique Crystal Energy

Post by Spirit-Being July 26th 2010, 1:27 pm

I enjoyed reading this post, i have yet to use Crystals, but after reading this post i'm seriously thinking about getting a Crystal, and learning about the energies of Crystals. I know there are many types of Crystals out there, could you kindly recommend which Crystals work for you. So i may use them as well.

Many Blessings

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Working With Unique Crystal Energy Empty Re: Working With Unique Crystal Energy

Post by d-knots August 8th 2010, 11:27 pm

I believe rainbows are
like the crystals....
eventually emiting their ligth
in a healing gesture....no? Rainy

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Working With Unique Crystal Energy Empty Re: Working With Unique Crystal Energy

Post by Taurus20 February 19th 2013, 9:10 pm

I find this very interesting information about Crystals. I have a few of them and I always have one under my pillow to help me remember my dreams and it works! I also keep some on my altar by my bed. I also have a variety of spirital stones on my altar. I keep 2 protection stones in my pocketbook all the time.
I have also used a crystal to rub over my legs while I'm asking Archangel Raphael to help to heal the pain and also held it over my husband to help heal him. I really believe in their power along with the help of Raphael.

Love, Peace Light Heart Pump

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Working With Unique Crystal Energy Empty Re: Working With Unique Crystal Energy

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