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An Inner Calling........

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An Inner Calling........ Empty An Inner Calling........

Post by Sparrowhawk July 7th 2010, 9:05 am

Something within calls........
Few pick-up the phone!

Those who do....
Find something deep inside their own consciousness.......

First they must face something they do not want to face!
The beast within will surface to try and prevent you.......

This is for your own good.......
An unprepared mind will shatter and so the beast is your test of courage!

To fail is normal......
To get up and try again,
is not so normal!

Do you feel the Wake-Up call inside you?

If yes, then turn inward and face the beast.........
It is a bluff, yet a bluff only the strong can face.
'Gorillas In The Mist' will help you to understand the bluff of the beast.
It will also help you develop "Compassion" for the beast, and this is needed too,
for the beast is part of you and cannot be destroyed, must be embraced and tamed.

Do you feel the Inner Call to Awaken?

This is from your Higher Self.....
It calls you back!

It will guide if you will follow and act upon what it teaches.

In the Divine Plan........
The Way out was put inside of you!

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