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Could we understand the life of a salmon?

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Could we understand the life of a salmon? Empty Could we understand the life of a salmon?

Post by Spirit-Being January 30th 2009, 6:29 pm

Before you read this article, and if you are wondering what this has to do with spirituality. Wind-Dancers poem "The Journey Of The Soul" has inspired me to see something amazing. I was able to relate to the salmons life in a way on the soul level of each person. Below this story i will explain what i see, now mind you this is not necessarily true but it is a possibility.


The life of wild salmon begins and ends in the same place - freshwater habitat. They hatch from eggs deposited, or spawned, in mountain streams, sometimes hundreds of miles from the ocean. The eggs incubate in gravel spawning beds, called redds, while clean, cold water delivers oxygen and washes away waste. After hatching, salmon rear in quiet pools, where shading vegetation moderates water temperature, provides streambank stability, and gives protection from predators.

Young salmon, or smolts, migrate from the rearing areas at about one year of age. They instinctively follow the creeks and rivers downstream during spring runoff Adult female and eventually reach the Pacific Ocean. As they travel, a physiological change occurs. This process, called smoltification, enables the young salmon to make the transition from fresh water to salt water.

Salmon spend most of their adult lives in the ocean, ranging along the Pacific coast from Monterey, California, north to the Aleutian Islands. After maturing, they migrate back home to spawn in the same rivers and streams where they were born.

The female, upon reaching the creek where she was hatched, digs a redd. Then, side-by-side, the male and female discharge sperm and eggs which settle into the prepared gravel. After the eggs are released and fertilized, the adult salmon die. The life cycle is complete.

Now according to most beliefs beliefs we all have a soul, now many people believe in one God. What i found interesting was that i believe we are all apart of God, and maybe we are all a small piece of God that was given to us which could be the soul. Now after giving us this soul we were sent far away from him but still connected to him, and our journey might have lead us out of the fresh water (God)making the transition into the salted water, and in the process gathering and experiencing Love. Until one day we will take our long journey through the salted water back to the fresh water beds where we once felt comfortable.

Many Blessings

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Could we understand the life of a salmon? Empty Re: Could we understand the life of a salmon?

Post by parrotlover100 February 6th 2009, 9:14 pm

that was really good ! i think it makes sence Very Happy

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Could we understand the life of a salmon? Empty Re: Could we understand the life of a salmon?

Post by Galatea March 19th 2009, 2:45 pm

Couldn't of said it better myself Smile

We all are God.

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Could we understand the life of a salmon? Empty Re: Could we understand the life of a salmon?

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