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Cherokee Lands

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Cherokee Lands Empty Cherokee Lands

Post by Wind-Dancer March 16th 2012, 7:05 pm

Wake up in a land of dreams;

Enchanted with mountains hollows and streams;

Where morning sun becomes your friend;

And the gentle breezes of the four winds whisper for the day to begin;

An eagle and a hawk soon soar above;

While well below are the calls of robins and doves;

A whitetail deer heads home on an early morning trail;

While young squirrels spend the day hiding behind trees as they chase each others tails;

On a lazy afternoon in the mountains a black bear takes a nap;

After a delicious meal of ants and termites and a dessert of honey sap;

For a moment evening sun sits on a mountain top before he descends down;

And pretty soon native night creatures will be the only sounds;

Then the mountains become covered with a smoky mist;

As nature gives the land a good-night kiss;

Every star is lit as they sparkle throughout the night;

And treetops dance in the water with shadows by the moon light;

And soon the land of Cherokee becomes quiet;

Until morning, nature says goodnight.

Frank Goss, 2006


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Cherokee Lands Empty Re: Cherokee Lands

Post by Vanilla2 March 17th 2012, 2:43 pm

Hi welcome back Wind-Dancer. Reading this poem, took me into his dreamworld.

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