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UFO? Empty UFO?

Post by mia March 31st 2012, 4:28 pm

I just opened the back door to let one of my cats in.
As usual, I looked up at the sky.
There is a bright twinkling star, it got brighter and turned green.
I am sure I saw a beam of light coming from it, a green beam.
Then it went higher and became smaller, then it came down again and was green.
I think it is too high for a helicopter.
It is still there, high up at the moment.
UFO or 'copter? ......

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UFO? Empty Re: UFO?

Post by sunmystic March 31st 2012, 7:27 pm

You guys seem to get a lot of UFOs over there across the pond. Mia, I have seen a lot of helicopters at night and I have never seen one do what you are describing. And when it comes to UFOs, is it actually from outer space or is just something that one of our militarys are playing with Smile . xxx

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