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assorted Mantras

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assorted Mantras Empty assorted Mantras

Post by laura ann April 1st 2012, 5:07 pm

mantras to call for angels

Angelic Contact and Protection

For Clairvoyant Angel Contact

ESP Angel, by my fingertips
I feel your touch on my eyes and lips;
Comeeven closer, let me see
Your briliance in God's majesty.

Use this mantra at least three times a day.
Know in your heart that at the right time, and with God's grace you will see angels.

For Clairaudient Angel Contact

Messenger of Light
I know you are near
Please open my ears
Your voice let me hear!

Use this mantra at least three times a day.
Know in your heart that you will be able to hear your angels - faintly at first, then more clearly.

For Protection

Guardian Angel
Protect me from (or person's name)with your might
Whether waking or sleeping
Both day and night.

Use this mantra before prayers.
Your attitude should be one of thankfulness for the requested protection.

For protection of Children

Angels who Protect WeeOnes
Watch, protect, guide
Please never leave
Or go from this child's side!

Repeat the mantra each time you request protection.
Teach the child simple prayer of angelic protection that is in keeping with your religious beliefs.

For Travel Protection

Dear Angels of Travel
Planes, cars, trains, ships
Give me complete protection
For both long and short trips

Use this mantra before taking any trips.
Your attitude should be one of gratitude for safe, enjoyable trip.

To Bless a Home

Angels of Hearth and Home
Bring blessings, ceilings to floors
Spread your angelic light
For only joy behind these doors.

Use this angel mantra as you walk around your home, blessing it. Do this at least once a month.
Your attitude should reflect appreciation for all the blessings that you have received, and that will be forthcoming, in your home.

To Express Gratitude

Heavenly Angels!
Thank you for all!
You helped, you heard
You answered my call!

I believe that this angel mantra is the most important of all. Repeat it often, it is an effective way of expressing gratitude.
Be grateful for whatever it is that you have received-even if it is not what you requested.

For Strength

Angels of Power
Angels divine
Reverse all weakness
Let strength be mine!

Use this mantra whenever you desire extra strength of power.
Visualize clearly that you are a "tower of strength".

For Overcoming Fear

Angels of Light
Let me feel you are near
Get rid of all fright
Please take away all fear!

Memorize this mantra, and repeat it for instant and powerful strength.
Know that beautiful, powerful angels of light are clearing the path for you. They surround and permeate you with their strength.

For Confidence

Angels of Confidence
Angels of Might
Help me walk in power
Knowing my pathis right!

Use this mantra whenever you need greater assurance. It will never fail you.
Maintain an attitude as steady and confident as the powerful angels you visualized in your prayers and meditation. See them as clearly as possible to allow them to work with you even more powerfully.

For Finding Your Life's Purpose

Angels of Destiny
Angels who light life's way
Help me to see my purpose
To make the most of each day.

Use this mantra whenever you wish to focus your energies.
Develop a "knowingness" about yourself. This meditation will help you.

To Increase Humility

Angels of Ego
Angels so humble
Bring me more balance
Don't let me stumble

Repeat this mantra twice whenever you feel that your ego is out of control.
Your attitude should be one of receptivity and understanding. Know in your heart that your humility is the key to your soul's greatest growth.

For Creativity

Angels of Creativity
Let inspiration grow
Please touch my head
Let my creativity flow!

Repeat this mantra, when you need creativity, over flowing water (a sink is fine). It will work wonders.
Pay attention to even the smallest spark of creativity. Sometimes inspiration is so subtle that it can be hardly perceived.

For Spiritual Growth

Angels of Spirituality
Who increase our thought
Touch my Third Eye
Fill me with God's light!

Use this angel mantra throughout the day and before meditation. Be near a body of water -- or at least have water nearby.
Consider eliminating meat and sugar from your diet to increase spiritual energy.
laura ann
laura ann

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assorted Mantras Empty Re: assorted Mantras

Post by Spirit-Being April 1st 2012, 7:56 pm

wow those are powerful, love them all. The house blessing i need to write down in my notebook, i use sage from time to time to cleanse my room and sometimes the whole house, i have been looking for a blessing. I feel this mantra will be great as i burn sage for the cleansing. Now i know where to come when i need specific mantra to call for Angels Hugs

~Love, Light, Blessings~

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