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Post by laura ann April 2nd 2012, 8:17 pm


Often when i sit outside I find it is a great time to pray.. Then I get to listening to sounds or staring at the sky or lsitenign to the wind etc and forget my prayers . I found that by making me a set of prayer beads similar to a Catholic rosary i could remember my prayers.
You can make a set using anything you like.. A ribbon or wire to make your circle . I used a piece of wire then added each thing then joined the ends so nothing could fall off.

I chose beads for my family etc, I chose a round piece of wood for my runes, and a cross for my angel family etc,

a leaf for anture and so on... each bead and object stand s for a thing or person. So as I sit I finger each one as I go around and say thae prayer I wish for whatever I believe each thing or person needs.

No correct or wrong way to do one.. just the way that works for you ...
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