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TAO stone reading for Spirit-Being

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TAO stone reading for Spirit-Being Empty TAO stone reading for Spirit-Being

Post by laura ann April 3rd 2012, 4:52 pm

okay the question presented was will my guides assist me in my master reiki and help me to retain the information.

I reached in the bag and felt each stone sepertely as i let my fingers slowly glide over the etchings on them with my eyes closed.. I let my intuition choose the two stones and i have to say whenn finished i had a huge blue orb appear to my right when i opened my eyes validating they had chosen thm.

the stones were

TAO... the path. the ultimite force in the universe. the origin of the orign. the road or path.. the true path,, the real way of life

FIRE.. is opposite of water, it desroys and from the ashes is rebirth, it is the burning off the old to make the way for new.



Use power for power, force against force.


Kneel down , kneel down!

Heaven sees and knows all!

It watches us, day in, day out.

I , a mere stripling,

Am not respectful or wise

But as the days go by

I listen to the bright and shining ones.

O brightness, O light,

Show me the right way,

Show me the ways of power.


There are two great forces here; Tao, The Way and The Fire, great destroyer but also bringer of warmth and power. You have great potential but you need to find th e right guide- the Tao- and harness the forces in such a way as to do what is right and proper. If you do , then the future can eb a bright one.


Tao will not answer you but will gently guide you in the direction you need to flow.

okay to me

power is --work is performed energy converted and the ability to do ro act

force.. is influence that causes a change in direction and shape

heaven ..is a state of existance a realm either phsyical or transcendental

to kneel;.. down would be to lower oneself to obedience

a stripling... is a youth or adolescent

shiny one ...of course angels and gudies

power is the measure of ability to control your environment and the rate work is performed..


Okay to me this is saying even though youthful you need to beleive more in the angels and guides around you They are teaching you and infusing you every second of your life with what you need. They are already be there in times of need. It is sayign the universe knows your needs before you know them and have already acted on your behalf. the more you work with energy and the more you learn and beleive in them and yourself they are there and the flow is already ahappening the more you will grow and gain understanding.

Typos free

entertainemtn only
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