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Sage Cleansing

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Sage Cleansing Empty Sage Cleansing

Post by Spirit-Being April 4th 2012, 12:47 pm

Today i felt so much negativity in my room and around me, i took a shower and saw the water washing away anything negative attached to me. I then needed to clean my room and open the windows to bring in fresh air. But most importantly i am about to cleanse the room with sage planted from last year. I made a smudge stick for just this moment. I have always known the benefits of sage, and always have good results after. The air feels much lighter and peaceful after a cleanse. If you ever feel a heaviness in your house or room, don't hesitate to try smudging it with sage. Oh when you do smudge make sure all your windows are open, and doors if need be. You want the smoke to collect the negative energy and bring it out the windows and doors.

How to cleanse your house with sage


Smudge Ceremony


~Much Love~

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Sage Cleansing Empty Re: Sage Cleansing

Post by mia April 4th 2012, 2:58 pm

I didn't know we are supposed to open the windows!

I have smudged my rooms a couple of times.

Last year I helped smudged the world.

I joined in a global smudging, think it was on winter solstice, I lit my firepit and gave each of my friends a smudge stick and we walked up and down my garden, smudging the world, then each other.

Then left the sage burning til it had finished.

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