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Tarot reading for experiement with sunmystic

laura ann
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Tarot reading for experiement with sunmystic - Page 2 Empty Tarot reading for experiement with sunmystic

Post by laura ann April 7th 2012, 2:29 pm

okay I chose a Hexefus Spread I made to use for the reading. I looked at about fifty I have in a folder but liked it best for this.. I have a lottery one but it would not address the real issues here so didnt use it.I also use reversal. I know a lot of people are opposed to them and it is personal choice but I believe you get a clearer more accurate story when using them as all things arent peachy keen.

Please feel free to take the cards I chose and do your own interpretation of them after I post mine.. Lets see what we all get from the same cards. afetr all this si actually an experiment..


HEXUFUS Spread.......... ©laura ann

looks like david if you connect the dots






if you connect 1;3'2 you get a triangle and 6.5.4 you get a triangle

1. the issue or problems

2. what positive assistance will flow to you

3. what in your past is attracting this issue

4. how will it manifest in the future

5.what obstacles, negatives, life lessons are to be overcome

6.what old patterns do you need to release

7 likely outcome or future awareness

I shuffled the cards then spread thm as a fan.. I then stated the ' Will sunmystic ever knwo moentary wealth in this lifetime?' please lead me to the best card for each of the seven parts of the whole.

1. the ussue..................XVII the STAR

she is looking towards her left to the past... she is related to the sign (again) Aquarius, she is the star of hOPE, the subconscious mind gathering knowledge from the unviersal subconscious and pouring it out on humanity. Her left hand is pouring it out and represents the 5 senses (again)

this is the card of hope and inspirtion it is to trust in yourself and to have hope and faith . It is how the past and present flow together so past expereinces give you the wisdom to make your dreams come true. Being in the iisue position says you do nto feel it ahs hapepned . It is moments of clarity and illumination and great clarity of vision.. It may be also be saying part of the problem is you see too much so you expect much in return...lets see what else we find...

2....Posiitve influences that will flow to you.....10 OF PENTACLES

10 is end of a cycle and the beginning of a new (again ) but it breaks down to a 1 which is inspiration and of course pentacles are about material things and money.

Finally something is showing some possible monetary flow coming your way... lolit is after all in the positive psoition.

th e10 of pents is about ancestral knowledge and inheritances. It is about one who is secure but detached. it often is showing wealth comes from and down through the generations. It may simply be a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of psychic gifts as well. But normally it is about moeny and security. it is potential , compeltions, material states of being, financial affairs, connecting to the earth as well. This shows the possibility is looking like it can flow to you w ith in the proper circumstances and that you have always had what you needed to make it happen anyway.


he is upside down so this makes him also looking to the future..looking ahead . this may be saying in itself you have brought forth some past influences causing this issue ... the male is usually mature and over forty or very mature for his age. often he is brown haired with light eyes and dull olive skin.

Thsi card often represents one which is cruel in reversals.. it is about being too critical, one who avoids responsibilites. The ideas become more important than th efollow throughs. Need to balance thoughts an actions. Too many waisted ideas.. an obstinat man, impersonal, and has a cruel temperment.....remember these are the past influences that have possibly been overcome at this time.. It is not saying this is who you are now.. just that some of these traits you ahve had to deal with either in past lives or past years.even aspects you continually have to work on that cause you more harm then good.

4. what will maifest in the future....IV THE EMPEROR

he is looking to the right to the future again... he is related to the ARIES man (again) he is about realizations and disciplines, he rules our consciousness. He is an older man and very wise. He is the builder (again) and designer of his life. he puts all things together , a father figure. He has much expereince and knowledge and is a great father, teacher and creator. He manifests things(again) he may be saying it is time to reasses your values and to take a stand. He is saying to rely on your judgement not that of others. It is saying it is time to manifest (again) what you want. The power of the minds is in the written words. Maybe you need to look at putting your knowledge and expereinces in book form..to teach otehrs . this would bring monetary influences to you.

5. what obstacles and life lessons must be learned first..............XXI THE WORLD

this card connects to ones head.... it is continuance, never ending cycles of life, It connec ts to the laws of the universe and connects to God. it is victorious, reincarnation, celebrations, end of cycles and new one begins(again) . It shows you are free to go in any direction you choose. I see triumphs, new journeys, rewards, . This can even at times be a suicide or death card as in a natural death. It leans to the having transcended the plane you started on because your journey has temporrily stopped. thus the death and new beginning....It is clearly showing you have anchored in place and your thoughts have altered your forward movements...You need to bury those thoughts and actions hence the suicidal self killed off aspect.you need to look over the next mountain. then glimpse the divine of you and sttart your new journey.

6.Old patterns...............9 of CUPS

this is the same ole same ole card...

9 is a completion number and cups is emotions...

Thsiis also caleld the wish card... or the fulfilling of a dream... it looks liek if you get over that mountain of whatever you created you are going to manifest and receive your wish. it is showign stability, that difficulties ahve been overcome. the man in this card has all he needs emotionally. sorta like a "Look at me and all these cups that I did not even have to work for".. Be careful what you wish for it you looks like you a re going to get it . You will have to get past the same ole same ole first...

7.. the outcome....reversed THE EMPRESS

she also being upside down si looking to the future. she again conencts you to Venus and your female traits.

seh is emotionally unstable in reverseals, or just being unproductive. She is trying to hold onto what is leaving her. It is a card of spiritual stagnation. Do you possibly nend to let something go so you can move forward to where you can receive your hopes and desires. Look at the self for any domestic issues. Do you maybe need to work through some past issues to get to the future?

This card can be about difficulties with an older woman must be cleared before forward movements occur.the empress is about love and pleasures so reversed would be lack of love. she is the subconscious parts of theself and our imaginations and creativity. the Empress is about action and the union of science and will.


all but one card is looking to the future so that is good..

you ahd 4 majar arcana cards which 4 is a sacred number so together it is your destiny showing. the 1 court card is about deliberate action and the 2 pips are self and creativevness.

add the numbers of the cards together breaks down to a 6

6 is about sharing and it is about love and balance. the right use of energies. it is about adjsutments in thought and attitudes. the ability for one to transcend difficulties..

the negative aspects of the 6 is being too stubborn, jealousy and meddling.

I did a timeing pull for you to see fo I could find a time you may manifest your monetary dreams.

I have a deck of playing cards that i keep with my tarot crds.. No one is allowed to touhc it and it is ONLY used for the purpose fo timelines.

I stated my need then cut the card..

I got a Jack of diamonds

jack is an 11 diamonds are years

so it gve me eleven years.....SORRY but nothing is written in stone .. you have the poser within to change that timeline. and elevens also can open a window to God and the unvierse.. this would allow th opportunity for them to see what it is you are manifesting as well. this could bring ti earlier...typos fre

you have power to change all this in your life

this is not written in stone only an interpretaion

its been fun

entertainment only
laura ann
laura ann

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