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Dream about death

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Dream about death Empty Dream about death

Post by beautydylan May 31st 2012, 2:45 pm

The dream I had I was back in the old house at Yorkshire - for some
reason I was searching for Beauty and Dylan because I felt they were in
danger. I found Beauty in the kitchen shaking with terror, she saw me
and ran over desperate for protection from whatever it was that was
scaring her. I took her outside to find Dylan, then found Dylan lying
down in the road - he was crying out with pain and was in obvious agony,
blood everywhere. He died as I was running over to him I saw his eyes
glaze over as his life slipped away.

This dream was really distressing - I'm still a bit distressed and it's evening now Crying or Very sad

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Dream about death Empty Re: Dream about death

Post by Vanilla2 May 31st 2012, 3:59 pm

I tend to dream quite a lot, but always believe we wake up just before our dream comes to its end. What I mean is, if we are about to be attacked, we wake up just before the attack takes place. So to actually dream of someone laying dead is out of my control as to its meaning, as I've never known, nor experienced that to happen. I cant recollect any of my dreams ever having a final ending.

I recently dreamed of someone coming to rape me, fortunately for me, I woke up, just in time. Maybe a lucid dream, a dream within a dream type of experience.

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Dream about death Empty Re: Dream about death

Post by Spirit-Being May 31st 2012, 5:30 pm

That's really a very visual dream, i wish i could interpret, but dreams like this are difficult. I have had a dream where i got shot, i was in a really bad place. I saw blood pouring out from me. I can still recall the color how vivid it was. It frightened me. I woke up and thought i really had gotten shot. I feel my dream was warning me, that i needed to change, the direction i was heading. These dreams can be signs of warnings, or symbolic messages. What does blood signify? What does death signify? In the tarot the death card is veered as change, it does not necessarily mean that someone is going to die. As for blood, if i think on it's meaning i see that blood is the essence of life. We cannot live without it. What do you feel your dream means to you Beauty?

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Dream about death Empty Re: Dream about death

Post by d-knots May 31st 2012, 9:54 pm


I also agree that dreaming of Death isn't dying
but a fear you have and maybe it was a Release
Dream. Where your fears are released so you
can look beyond to resolve your worries....

My cat passed in a car accident and I always
"dreamed" of her as I knew her when she was alive.
They may not be dreams but memories ....
I miss her too...
I have one of her kittens with me now. She is one
that looked like her mom but not the spitting image
of course. I love them both and have meshed both
of their associations into one love for all of momma cat's
kittens ( we have four of them and others we gave to
loving homes - I always did and continue to associate
them with the way her and mine bond was ).

I'm sorry to hear you are distressed...
Let your memories heal you and make you
a good, stronger, better person going forward.
What else can we do with our grief.

we are human meaning limited.
I pray/wish/think Candle Key Rose Yellow a Better Life for you where Beauty & Dylan Live : )

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Dream about death Empty Re: Dream about death

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