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How do you deal with differences?

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How do you deal with differences? Empty How do you deal with differences?

Post by d-knots November 8th 2012, 11:43 am

I was chatting with someone who is a Christian - Assembly of God.

That really irked me - but I am not out to change people they have to see it for themselves - when they were bent on their fact (what she believed) that God is not in the flower in the field (she likened this belief to the Budhists).

I was brought up Roman Catholic and I believe God is in the flower.

She also was bent on Jesus (hello lots of Christians get stuck if you do not finish his name with Christ otherwise it could be the guy on the bus...LOL) being the only direct connection to God. She forgot to make it clear to me that we are talking about Jesus Christ. This is something she must have not learned yet.

I love all good religions but it is correct - for me - to be open and not wierd like that dissing the pope, the flower, or Jesus as the only connections to God. First I do not like the title God I like Higher Power and Creator better. This way it is an energy that can embace All. She mentioned being spiritual but it does not apply just to her religion somehow she implied it did when the only one is Jesus that can save lives. Hmmmm, not! I belive the knowledge even what is written in the Bible are good lessons to understand about Spirit and Humanity working or opposing each other. Bible versions are Materpieces of World Literature especially the older they are.

I just left the face-to-face conversation at 'as long as it is good and not evil' because religious chit-chat can get heated as it did for her because she did not understand my way of thinking. I have to say she was supporting her side very well until she became stubborn about it being the only way.

I believe the higher power inspired the computer am I wrong?

Let me know : )

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