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Two Dreams

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Two Dreams Empty Two Dreams

Post by ATouchofHeart April 23rd 2013, 10:18 pm

I had a dream a couple of nights ago.
I felt like I was peeking in on the situation.

I was in an old wooden walled house. The lighting was dim.
I was following my husband who was running down a narrow hallway.
He ended up in the center of this narrow hall looking up at a opening in the ceiling.
It was an attic opening. He immediately started reaching up to grab someone's legs that were above the opening. I instinctively knew he was trying to grab my son who had just hung himself. end of dream.................

I was told by a medium once after my husband passed that he and my son were brother's in another lifetime. Not sure if this is the same lifetime as she mentioned but I felt that my husband was older than my son (his brother) hanging in those rafters.

My son passed away 18 months earlier than my husband, who died of a broken heart and cancer. Our son's death was devastating to my husband. Me also but the grief he was feeling was much deeper. I've been called a warrior by mediums and friends; I seem to handle things much better. I felt I had to hold things together for the family.

I wonder what the next chapter in past life glimpses will be.

The next dream was told to me today by a co-worker.
Since working where I do, about four co-workers have come up to me and said that they have seen me in their dreams.
This gal knew I was in her dream but could not remember any details.

She had a dream last night. She was at a river with a male who was dressed in a full blue robe. He said to her...
"You may go into the water"
"No, she replied; that is where the Disciples go"

I got excited! I told her I'll bet that was a past life reflection you were receiving.
She is not as spiritual as I am but has read at least a few books on spirituality. She recently lost her mother and had breast cancer herself. I gave her two books by James Van Praagh; "Healing Grief" and "Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death"


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