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Spirituality  Empty Spirituality

Post by sunmystic May 17th 2013, 5:56 pm


Spirituality  Holyspirit_icon-2The
study of spirituality goes deeply into the heart of every matter and
extends far beyond the physical world of matter. Spirituality connects
you with the profoundly powerful and divine force that's present in this
universe. Whether you're looking for worldly success, inner peace, or
supreme enlightenment, no knowledge can propel you to achieve your goals
and provide as effective a plan for living as does spiritual knowledge.

Smile ! "Spirituality" connects you to a "profoundly" powerful (and divine) force. Ok, why not? If we were to use the above definition of "Spirituality", then "The Spiritual Journey" would be the journey that connects you to a "profoundly powerful force". And of course once you are connected to this "profoundly powerful force" all things are solved. Humm Smile ? The above definition does not claim that this "profoundly powerful force" is an entity or that it has a mind. There then becomes a possibility that this "profoundly powerful force" "just is"". Well, I suppose the next thing that would come to mind, as a normal human being, would be, "Are there any rules?" Because everybody seems to say that there are rules. Can even an atheist connect to this "profoundly power force" and all things are solved? Technically speaking guys Smile the introduction statement to the Forum "Spirituality" defines the "heart and "soul" of the mission of this website. And the definition statement to this forum does not say that this "profoundly powerful force" has any qualities that we as human beings could use to quantify or explain it other than it is a "profoundly powerful force" and that connecting to it is the "solve" to everything.

Now normally what I am presenting here guys would be considered sacrilegious and anti "Spiritual Journey", but is it? Some folks claim that we as human beings create God or facsimiles that we call God or some version of a Supreme Being. And that we then create rules on how to be connected to what we have created. What if this "profoundly powerful force" is not a being at all? What if it is something that "just is"? And that when you connect to this something that "just is", all things are solved. And apparently defining "what things" are solved is not necessary, because "all things" means "all things".

Anyway, I have reached a point in my "Spiritual Journey" where I am encountering this "just is" and it and I are looking at each other so to speak Smile . And when I attempt to understand it (this "just is") or give it any qualities, it disappears or becomes something different. It ceases to be the "just is" and my connection with it is broken. The definition statement to this Spirituality Forum seems to be possibly a clue to understanding what it is that I am encountering. What I am encountering seems to be a "profoundly power force" that "just is". And it seems to want to use my physical body, spirit body, and mental body as one body to experience what it is like to be a physically present being in physical creation. But in order for this "just is" to experience creation from the inside of creation, using my physical presence, I have to be totally quiet and basically not exist as a "self". And it's eye entrance, for lack of any other term, into my physical and mental is through the upper back part of my brain just under where the traditional Jewish kippah cap, that they wear to show respect to God, sits. And I am, when I can stay quiet enough, allowing this "just is" to use me just because of curiosity and the "solve of all things", if it is the "profoundly power force", is an interesting side bar, but I really don't care about that part because the experience is fun and like nothing I have ever experienced. sunmystic

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Spirituality  Empty Re: Spirituality

Post by Aussiepom May 18th 2013, 8:59 am

have marked this topic,will be back later..... Very Happy


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