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The Temple - Sophie Bashford

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The Temple - Sophie Bashford Empty The Temple - Sophie Bashford

Post by mia August 7th 2013, 3:01 pm

Lightworkers, the Universe is pulling out all the stops now for your healing purpose to be fully realised on Earth.
I know that new energies can feel very challenging to integrate, and what is going on now in terms of energy upgrades is very intense (see my earlier posts related to "The Lion's Gate" energy portal).
What you must know, however is that your life can open up and align for you in quite spectacular ways now. You may soon witness elements 'coming together' in elegant and breathtaking ways, as Spirit arranges events, opportunities and relationships to perfectly dovetail with your Highest Service to the planet.
Mother Mary has one key message for you today. She revealed to me yesterday whilst I was in the sacred Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury that we must be willing to accept that now is 'the end of suffering' and the beginning of 'unbridled joy' in our lives.
Whatever you've experienced in this and past lifetime(s), it truly is now a time to release pain and suffering to God so that you can be a true example of a Higher Plan of Peace and Joy.
Be confident in using your blessed sacred gifts, such as channeling Divine energy for healing purposes and speaking words of comfort and wisdom. Know that you are put here to bring New Light to the world, and to bask in the radiance of this frequency. Use your gifts whenever you can, and this will help enormously with the integration of the Higher Frequencies you are being given.



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The Temple - Sophie Bashford Empty Re: The Temple - Sophie Bashford

Post by laura ann August 7th 2013, 3:49 pm

now is 'the end of suffering' and the beginning of 'unbridled joy' in our lives

THANK GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I truly do not   think I can bare another  anything !  .... looking at four  burdeons  now with no solutions.

 they are aware they have pushed me to the they have went too  far stage.

Thanks Mia for sharing this hunny... is  so appreciated.
laura ann
laura ann

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