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Post by 2Fast2Furious October 8th 2008, 5:45 pm

interesting this one:
the inhabitants of the Pennines before the Norman conquest were firmly ensnared by Celtic beliefs. To these poeple ours was not the only world. There were other realities that surrounded an enveloped us. Other beings in those alien realms also co-existed with ourselves. Most of the time we were not aware what they were doing. But when they chose to do so they could make themselves visible an pop through a doorway from there world to this, before popping right back again they would leave us all wondering.
This ancient worldview is not a million miles from the concept of the window area - of which the pennines is considered to one of natures finest.
There are signs of this everywhere in the pennines, as in the Celtic god images found in heads that appear carved in stone, such as around Hebden bridge an Mythomlroyd. The most notable features - both stone heads an alien visage are the triangular shap of the face an the prominence in the eyes
more noteworthy is that these ancient symbols are often found on bridges an rock faces where the most intense activity happens in the window area even today places like Ilkley Moor an Wharfedale, around the Calder valley. Is this concidence or does this tell us that these power centres were equally active an instinctively recognised long ago? do these carvings somehow reflect ancient awareness that the 'old gods' lived here?


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Post by Michael October 9th 2008, 4:00 pm

I have never heard of this until now and it seems amazing, this could possibly mean that the ancestors of old could possibly have know of these spots and thrived long ago, as the people that inhabit these parts do now. What i was wondering was are these symbols of celtic origin? could they have been the same people that created Stone Henge?. Any how these symbols are of great importance, they may evoke some form of protection, or possibly may be the Lords of old that have had great influence over the communties of these parts. These are all just guesses but i thank you for sharing this.

Many Blessings

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