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The Earth Story

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The Earth Story Empty The Earth Story

Post by seriphos October 10th 2014, 8:16 am

The Earth Story

Hello you know me
i am Gaia your mother
you know my little sister too
she is my dear friend that lights my body
when the sun God sleeps

I would really like to tell you my story
will you listen!
long ago before mankind I was really pure
so pure and whole
and these are my feelings I want to share with you
just you and me together...

the clouds are my breath
slowly inhaling and exhaling
you see my clouds come and go before you
if you look and ponder...

and the rain is my weeping, not for sadness but joy
they are my love for you and nurture life
for all to see

the rivers and streams are my life force
look into the pool and see your soul
captured for an instant in the mirror of destiny
be patient and let the reflection
tell you of life and all its majesty

the trees are the delicate hairs
that cover my body in their gentle swaying
when the west wind comes
ooh its so warm and caressing
you know how that feels too
when someone gently blows on your skin
so sensuous

the mountains and rocks are my bones
they are my beautiful contours
a form so splendid to behold
respect them and let them help you
in your meditation when you look
and see their spirit in crystals
and up to the monastery
high up in the mists
of love and light

the core is my heart
strong and warm but just in its deliverance
but sometimes I get angry and let you know
smoke and fire is my sword
but remember it burns my skin
I wish I hadn't done that to you
it hurts me too

the flowers are my perfume, honeysuckle
lavender, rose, are they not beautiful
and I share them freely with you
for those warm nights
balmy and alone
so you think of me too

the snow falls gently, my frozen tears of winter
to remind you how much I love you
when all growth has stopped and the bear sleeps
gently it touches your face and for an instant
we share one another
something so precious, so don't forget me

the stars are my friends, countless in number
all of resonance, singing in their praise
for all that is good and humble
and songs of slumber at night
to rest your soul with me

so please don't hurt me

what have I done to you!

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The Earth Story Empty Re: The Earth Story

Post by Arbel October 11th 2014, 6:06 am

Very true that Gaia has done nothing to us but it is mankind that are destroying Gaia and that will not be tolerated any more


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The Earth Story Empty Re: The Earth Story

Post by laura ann February 5th 2015, 3:34 pm

seriphos.................may I copy this??????
laura ann
laura ann

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The Earth Story Empty Re: The Earth Story

Post by mia February 5th 2015, 5:39 pm

that is so beautiful ....

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The Earth Story Empty Re: The Earth Story

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