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What is This?

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What is This? Empty What is This?

Post by thethoughtfulmuse08 June 11th 2015, 5:16 pm

Hey, everyone!

  In March of last year, I had someone who I believe could be my twin soul. Ever since meeting him some odd stuff has been happening to me. There is one thing in particular that I want to try to understand because I haven't experienced anything that comes close to this. I'm having a hard time understanding if it's a direct connection to who I believe is my twin soul, or if it's somehow through clairaudience. Back in October of last year, I did start developing clairaudience. I also would sometimes seem to hear his voice as well somehow. 

  About a week before Christmas of last year, I had heard, "what do you want for Christmas," and at first I didn't understand why I was hearing this, so I ignored it. After being asked a few more times, thinking that it could be something having to do with my twin soul, I said, "love, it doesn't have to be physical". After I said that I heard that I would be given a sign. Before, I would have dreams where I would seemingly go visit him and it would seem almost out of body. I would later on receive proof that I actually did. At that time, I didn't have clairaudience. Even though these kinds of things had happened many times before, I didn't really think I would receive proof this time around because it seemed so specific, and I was still new to this kind of stuff. He doesn't do any social networking, but his mom does, so that's how I've been able to find out if these things really happened or not. 

  Christmas Day came around and I decided not to check his mom's Twitter even though I felt some kind of pull to do so. On the 28th of December, I decided to check her Twitter and I was shocked to see a picture of him with a heart sign around his neck and on it were the words, "Love is all you need". Now, I can't really fully understand why this would happen if it was only clairaudience, or some kind of synchronicity, but I'm open to any ideas as to how it would be these things. I'm wondering if it's some kind of telepathic thing, but I really don't know. I don't have any physical contact with him, unfortunately. Can anyone help me try to understand this? 


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