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Swedenborg’s concept of use (or useful service)

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Swedenborg’s concept of use (or useful service)  Empty Swedenborg’s concept of use (or useful service)

Post by skfarblums May 22nd 2020, 2:38 am

Swedenborg’s concept of use (or useful service) has a simple starting point: everything that has been created exists for a reason. Just as all of nature works together to form a whole, from the tiniest particle to solar systems and galaxies, so too does every person have a reason for being—a specific purpose to fulfill.
While it is true that everyone is born to fulfill some heavenly purpose in the design of creation, some people choose to reject their God-given calling. Instead, they perform functions that are entirely self-serving.
Swedenborg tells us, “Whatever love brings forth it calls useful” (Divine Love and Wisdom #336). This works in two different ways. On one hand, there are people who love goodness and out of that love for goodness do good works (what are called “good uses” in some translations of Swedenborg’s works). On the other hand, there are people love evil, and therefore find it useful to act in selfish and cruel ways. Whatever works out best for them what they call “useful”—even if it is harmful to others. It is for this reason that Swedenborg speaks of “good uses” and “evil uses.” Because we have free will, we can decide which direction to go.

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