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Post by skfarblum May 28th 2020, 8:10 am

Posted: 03 Apr 2019 05:09 AM PDT

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What is your escape?  Is it getting away to the mountains, the sea, the desert, a lake, your closet?  And what happens when you return to that from which you escaped?  Escapes provide temporary respites from your ordinary lives, but do not forget that everything is temporary.  What is more important is understanding what it is you are trying to escape, even that from which you are escaping.  You can blame your troubles on another, or a job, or a circumstance of any kind, but all will boil down to your thoughts, which boil up like bubbles in heated water.  Rather than running when the heat turns up, turn up the awareness of your thoughts and turn them around.  There is always another way of seeing all situations in a world of duality.  Always.  And when the world of duality gets to be too much, rise above it to the soul’s perspective, which is always there, and there you will find the peace that has not gone anywhere.  There is no need to be an escape artist when the clear canvas of the True Self lies always within and is already filled with peace.


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