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My Honest Open Experience

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My Honest Open Experience Empty My Honest Open Experience

Post by 2Fast2Furious October 10th 2008, 9:09 am

Don't be reaching for any tissues want you to sit down quietly with a cup of tea before you begin to read my true confessed experience.
I am a very open person, an have nothing to hide, other than to share an experience that once happened to me:

At a point in my life when I was 21 after just having my own daughter. I became very very deeply depressed, in despair and at the point of where I thought at the time there was no return. During this time without going into too much detail, I got admitted in Hospital for an overdose on tablets, sleeping pills an nerve tablets.
I was very persistent an fought against the staff at the hospital telling them to leave me alone an it was nothing to do with them, eventually they coached me onto a bed, a nurse came alongside me an said to me right we are just going to pop this tube down your throat. I stormingly shouted No your not plus alot of swear words as i was annoyed about what they were about to do. I lay there with my eyes rolling round my head back an forth saying if you put that near me I'm telling you I've still got my trainers on, i'm going to run out of this hospital quicker than linford christie an you won't be able to catch me, although I still was fighting them I still found time for some humor.
When i tried to get up from the bed, the nurse pressed an alarm button an before i knew I was being pinned down by about 6 of them. They forced the tube down my throat, an while doing this the nurse said to me what ever you do don't sniff up, this must have been something to do with me having less oyxgen, so I looked at her an did exactly that, looked her right in the eye, then I had two cardiac arrests on the table which they had to revive me to come round.
I remember lying on the stretcher on the way back from somewhere an the room I was being trolleyed down had big huge arch windows, an inside the corridor was just me, the whole corridor was whiter than white an gleaming white an the sun came through the windows brighter than i've ever seen the sun. The strange thing I noticed that there was rose bushes huge roses on the inside of the corridor an the floor was made of marble. There was no soil around the bottom of the bushes.
The following few hours passed an I woke up in a room with my parents around the side of me an a nurse, I was wired up to machines had oxygen tube blowing through my nose an drips hanging all over my arms an a heart monitor machine strapped to my chest.
I went back down to find that corridor with arch window, an it just so happens the corridor in the Main hospital was full of arched windows. The sun was shining through them an it was very de ja vous, The only explanation i can think of at the time of being in that place. The impression of the room an the light that shone through was the same as I experienced while i'd gone out of consciousness. So therefore I think I was transferred from the ward to another which was true an this had left an imprint of this as i was coming back round in my mind an back into consciousness, as i arrived on the ward asleep.

Very very true,
an something I wouldn't ever forget


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My Honest Open Experience Empty Re: My Honest Open Experience

Post by Wind-Dancer October 11th 2008, 2:19 pm

A near death experience is a time when a person experiences a variety of feelings, including a sense of being outside of one's physical body, unusual alertness, seeing an intense light, and a feeling of peace during a life-threatening episode of danger such as a heart attack,depression ,changes to the normal situations of our lives etc. Sometimes our mind takes us away from the pain or whatever is bothering or hurting us. Experiences such as you described could help us deal with a particular situation in our life.just my opinion.

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My Honest Open Experience Empty Re: My Honest Open Experience

Post by Michael October 11th 2008, 2:20 pm

I'm glad you are okay i think we all go through very tough times, we all hit bottom so that we can rise higher. I have had my share as well :bounce: I dont think i would be where i am now had i not made the mistakes ive made they were my greatest teacher. As for your experience it was amazing, these sort of experiences wake us up, bringing new awareness to our lives, i have never had a near death experience but i have done alot of reading on this subject and i find it fascinating, it also brings much faith that we do live on, that we do not really die.

Very Inspiring thank you for sharing your experience.

Love and Light

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My Honest Open Experience Empty Re: My Honest Open Experience

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