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The Beggining of a Spiritual Awakening

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The Beggining of a Spiritual Awakening Empty The Beggining of a Spiritual Awakening

Post by Spirit-Being May 1st 2009, 8:37 pm

Today i started a spiritual fast i do every year for the whole month of may. I make a vow to myself that for the whole month i will Journey farther along the spiritual path than last year. For months now i have struggled, giving in to all my wants, and neglecting the things i truly needed in my life. This Fast is a way for me to get Centered & Focused. I began the fast on may 1st and ending it on may 31st. During this time i give up all meats & all things that make me forget about my spiritual goals, some of them are (Watching baseball everyday, playing video games daily, Having women on my mind, Talking too much, Can't forget about Laziness, and there are many more. So when i know i need to do something i get up and start it. I am working on this and the more i get up and do it, it eventually gets done and i become a little more stronger and Laziness begins to fade away. Laziness wants us lazy it will trick you & lie, i say do your best and don't give in to Lazy.

Fasting is extremely beneficial and can Awaken you Spiritually & bring much more self discipline into your life.

Many Blessings

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The Beggining of a Spiritual Awakening Empty Re: The Beggining of a Spiritual Awakening

Post by Wind-Dancer May 1st 2009, 11:26 pm

Fasting is a healing process for many. Congratulation on your decision to fast. I wish you much success in this. You are entering into a new part of your journey , a journey we call life .

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