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Is Anybody Out There?

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Is Anybody Out There? Empty Is Anybody Out There?

Post by Wind-Dancer July 25th 2009, 7:01 pm

Many people, Christian or otherwise, struggle with the notion that the earth is the only inhabited planet in this enormous universe.

Those who believe life evolved on the earth usually see it as virtual ‘fact’ that life has evolved on countless other planets. Discovering life on other planets would in turn be seen as confirming their evolutionary belief.
But even many Christians think, ‘God must have created life elsewhere, otherwise this enormous universe would be an awful waste of space.’ However, our thinking should be based on what God said He did and not what we think He would or should have done.
Firstly, since God is the one who made the universe, it can scarcely be ‘big’ to Him. Humans struggle with its vastness because our comprehension is limited to the created time/space dimensions within which we exist, and it is mind-bending to try and comprehend anything beyond these. Time itself began with the creation of the physical universe, but how can we understand eternity? What was ‘before’ the universe? Similarly, how do we understand how ‘big’ God is? We cannot use a tape measure that is made of atoms to measure Him.

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Is Anybody Out There? Empty Re: Is Anybody Out There?

Post by Spirit-Being July 26th 2009, 10:24 am

In humble opinion i always felt that space was just way too big for us to be the only living life forms out there in the universe, although the thought comes to me that life would be created in different shapes and forms most likely not to our understanding. When we think of extraterrestrial life out there, many people who believe in ET life automatically think 2 legs and maybe a misshapen body compared to ours, and this may be the case for some ET life but i would have to say that if life did not fit into the mold that our minds create it may be very hard to understand what we were seeing.

wind-dancer wrote:
but how can we understand eternity? What was ‘before’ the universe? Similarly, how do we understand how ‘big’ God is?

I feel these 2 questions would be absolutely hard to comprehend but with that said i feel God is within everything we see, touch, taste, feel, love, etc.. Space would be much bigger than we could ever comprehend if anyone race were to reach the edge of the universe it would most likely begin again. These are just some insights and thoughts that i have come to understand, but do not take them as truths because i do not have all the answers about God and ET life, we all have a path to follow and asking these questions helps us understand who we are and why we are here.

Thanks for sharing

Many Blessings

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