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Post by Spirit-Being August 19th 2009, 1:50 pm

Spirits Journey Member Journals

This forum is to allow members to keep their own personal Journal that they can update regularly, and that other members can read and comment on.

Creating Your Personal Journal
Basically, you create a new thread, name is whatever you want (example: Spirit-Being's Astral Journal), and then use the Reply button to add a new entry to your own personal journal.

The first post in your journal could be the announcement of your Journal, or your first entry. You may add pictures, music, quotes stories, links, or whatever you feel comfortable adding. Also it may be helpful if you were to add a date to each entry so you can see when your entries were added.  

Adding a new entry to your Journal, is simple and easy just reply to your own Journal the way you would any other post, you can even use the quick reply at the bottom of the page to add your new entry.

Note: Be forewarned that Guests & Members will be able to read and reply to your entries, so it is advised if you have something private you do not want others reading, please do not add it in your Journal.

If you have any questions regarding Memebr Journals, please PM one of the Administrators on the left side of their name Thank You

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