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Adding images to the forum.

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Adding images to the forum. Empty Adding images to the forum.

Post by Spirit-Being August 20th 2009, 10:03 pm

Hello Friends, This is a short tutorial on how to add Images in your posts. This is to help members who would like to add their pictures and art to their posts. We would Love for you to share your pictures with all of us here at Spirits Journey Forums.

Above the message box you'll see many small icons, the 2 Green ones are for adding your pictures, the one on the right is the more complex way to add pictures, if you have a Image Hosting account like Photo Bucket, and the other green icon to the left, is the simplest way.

Adding images to the forum. Postingbar-3

The first one is the easiest as you can just upload a picture using this button below.
The other button is for using an external image host like Photo Bucket, so just use the one provided with the forums it is much easier.

Adding images to the forum. Postingbar-1

A new window will open, that may require your user name and pass, you may already have an account with "serving" (Image Host) so if your not promted for a user name & pass, then skip to the next step.

Adding images to the forum. Images1-1

Make sure the file bubble (circle) is checked, now click browse and find the picture on your computer and ad it, once the file is visible in the box, click the HOST IT button.

Adding images to the forum. Images2-1

Next image below you see the blue that is highlighted, you will manually copy the Image Link, sometimes the copy button does not work properly so i suggest highlighting the link and manually copy it, make sure you copy the full link this is important. Once copied paste it in your post where you want it displayed. Now to close the box click on that green button that you hit to open the box in the first place and the box will close Just send your post and your done Very Happy

Adding images to the forum. Host-image-1

Hope this was helpful if you have any questions i would be very happy to answer them.

Many Blessings

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Adding images to the forum. Empty Re: Adding images to the forum.

Post by Linda August 21st 2009, 1:41 pm

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! still seems complicated, but i will try soon. Thanks for the info Spirit-Being. Have a Happy Day! with Love, Linda :' ':

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