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Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern

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Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern Empty Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern

Post by Wind-Dancer December 14th 2008, 11:00 am

Cause and effect in the universe

Does anyone care about the causes that they make? It really seems to me that not many really care. Then they moap and whine about how life just isn't fair. Not many will admit or even see how they themselves may have caused any of their despair.

Self talk and self thought are so powerful and we disregard this. No we don't realize the impact it does and will have on our respective futures. Be conscious of the negative self talk and thoughts you say and think to yourself and watch your life begin to change.

Now we all have heard the saying, "Do on to others as you would have them do on to you." Yes many people quote this, but do they know that they reverse that in the concept of revenge? By doing on to others as others have done to them in order to retaliate for past harms done, they feel like they have won. They don't realize that its yet another cause that they have done. All because they lack faith in the universal law of cause and effect.

Amazing how so many of us are unaware of our own causes that we ourselves have done. Hey when we were growing up many of us thought that being bad was so much fun!

It's all good though, with every thing experienced, good, bad or not yet rated. We can say it's all been worth it if you can find a lesson to be learned. They call this "school house earth" because, learning through experience is what were here for. At times we may repeat a variation of some old lesson we should have learned. Sometimes the same old pattern is what we expect but surprise, surprise it may be something better that you get. Don't base your expectations on your past experiences. For if you've learned your lessons past than life can only get better.

Try not to lie, steal or cheat for it's your own life's progress you will defeat. Be as real as you can be. Try not to make the same mistakes that you have made before. Be conscious of your present causes that you make this is how you can control some of what life may have in store. Try not to expect the worst and visualize the best. Negative patterns will eventually fade and then you can look back and be proud of the progress that you've made.

You can get what you want and find what you need just be specific. They say if you can name it you can claim it. Peace and happiness are too ambiguous a want, unless you can describe exactly what that would entail. Visualize specifics of what life would be like, imagine in great detail whats the scene you want to see. Now that you can see it you can strive to be it. Just remember this, looking outside yourself for happiness is not what it's about, since true and lasting happiness comes from within. So, no particular person, place or thing can be responsible for our happiness.

Also if you're in a set commitment or part of a family, relationships require just a bit more consideration When striving for your goals make sure you both can grow, and neither one hinders the others growth. When you're in a "ship" you must always keep in mind whats best for all on board.

Life is full of compromises, bound for changes and can easily be adjusted to fit whichever road you choose to take. Adapting as you go , yet standing firm in your beliefs just don't be so stubborn as to fight your life n destiny. If you can go with the flow it's peace of mind you will know. Trust the universal law of cause and effect. Pay back will occur but it doesn't have to come from you. Be aware of your causes that you make (all three kind Thoughts Words and Actions). Count your blessings every day. Remember lessons learned. Expect the best knowing that mistakes will be made, were only human so don't despair when things don't turn out exactly as you planned. It's not how you deal with plan A in life. It's how you deal with plan B. We were never meant to be perfect. Just try again but better. Live life to the fullest and you'll surely pass the test with flying colors!

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Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern Empty Re: Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern

Post by HypnoDude December 18th 2008, 3:47 pm

So very true Wind~Dancer!!

So much similiar to "The Law of Attraction" and "The Secret".

Being conscious or 'aware' of what you put out into the Universe is so hard to do. However after awhile you will find that it will come easier. Continuous negative thought patterns and expression surely do manifest into reality and some people just cant see that.

Thanks for sharing!

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Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern Empty Re: Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern

Post by SPIRITUALMUSCLE December 4th 2009, 10:07 am

Great Post!
The saying " we are all one" is so powerful if we WERE TO LIVE IT and not see it as a cool bumper sticker.

My personal saying that has brought me tremendous success and happiness is "be the source of that which you seek"...no greater words have even been spoken.

As a seasoned trainer, I help and inspire so many to achieve or better yet BELIEVE that they can have the body or energy they had in the teens, 20's. If you dont belleive THAT, how could one ever experence BEING IT?

But yes, Being the source of kindess, love,compassion, generosity, grace etc allows us to not only"give it" but more importantly experience it. Every word spoken, every deed acted, I make sure that it is coming from a place within that if and when it returns, I would be proud and look forward to the experience...for ME, that is how I know if any particular state of being serves me well or not.

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Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern Empty Re: Cause and effect in the universe,, the ripple pattern

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