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Who Stole My Soul

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Who Stole My Soul Empty Who Stole My Soul

Post by Willsmith November 13th 2009, 2:50 am

I think everyone is an agnostic deep down. If souls live in our hearts and minds, then can they be kidnapped and held captive? The author of Who Stole My Soul, feels a mysterious force sweep away his soul, he embarks on a spiritual quest and appeals to an unusual being for help - the devil. It is decorated with inspirational human soul quotes, messages and images that make it especially appealing and visually stunning. http://bit.ly/mq3Px

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Who Stole My Soul Empty Re: Who Stole My Soul

Post by d-knots November 13th 2009, 8:15 pm


I don't want to walk with the devil
'cause just being here on Earth has
been a good substitute...LOL

in this day and age we get our gnosis from family
or we seek it by visiting various religious information like
books, courses, places and things ....

the doubt of agnosticism seems natural in this day and age;
we are beyond the Age of Enlightenment
where it's common knowledge that the world is not flat
and that the ship a' sailing isn't going to fall off the edge into
oblivion.....hmmmmmm.... maybe that could happen in Space....
.....on second thought .....no

Something interesting my daughter told me today
and it might just fit here ....give or take...LOL

she walked into her friends' store and
they chatted reminescing about the first day
she walked into his shop....

he said the first time - although he claims to reads her aura everytime -
he read her he saw she was boarderline between good and evil...LOL
but the evil was tugging on her strongly but she was fighting it all her might... He said it's best to be boarderline because being to good or too evil wasn't healthy for anyone... so the chat went

I remember him saying once when I was there to her "why are you bringing
that dark cloud with you again?" she looked up and said "where?" he concluded "o'heck never mind it usually clears by the time you leave"....LOL

Interesting to have a friend that helps you clear your aura... or to even see it...

I think the book would be interesting to read I should see at the library
maybe they can order it.

Have you ever read Dante's Inferno, Purtagorio, Paradiso
he travels to hell, purgatory, and heaven
"the walk with the devil" made me think of Dante's creation
he was a folk who was had torn emotions about his life
and found some sanity in creative writing
yet it's his journal and more creativity to us readers
his work has been a basis for movies and comedies
you just recognize the concept when you see or hear it
once you've read his work. Sailing

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