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The Witness

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The Witness Empty The Witness

Post by WhiteShaman January 8th 2010, 1:04 pm

I share……………………….
An excerpt from: http://www.mro.org/zmm/teachings/shugen/shugen04.php

…..In the Vimalakirti Sutra, another clear-seeing woman, the Goddess, was talking to Shariputra. Shariputra asked, “Goddess, isn’t liberation freedom from desire, hatred, and folly? Isn’t it freedom from difficulty, freedom from greed, freedom from anger?” The Goddess responded, “Shariputra, that liberation is freedom from desire, hatred, and folly, is a teaching for those who are excessively proud.” In other words, for those who are still fettered by delusion.
This has tremendous implications. If Shariputra’s idea of freedom is correct, then the natural response would be to get away from greed, anger, and ignorance; to renounce all worldly things and live in seclusion somewhere far away. Obviously, this would affect where we live, who we live with, and what we do. Most of the world would be off limits.
The Goddess continued, “Those who are free of pride are taught that the very nature of greed, anger, and ignorance is itself liberation.” Within greed, anger, and ignorance, freedom is realized. This has very different implications. It means that wherever we are is a good place to practice. But the question remains: How? How do we experience Layman Pang’s “difficult,” Mrs. Pang’s “easy,” and Ling Chao’s “neither difficult nor easy?” When Ling Chao threw herself down next to her father, he said, “Luckily, no one was looking.” What did he mean? He is speaking about letting go of control, letting go of the one who’s watching. Just throw yourself down, throw yourself away. Letting go of the witness is the hardest thing we will do, because we watch everything.
Ceaseless practice is ceaselessly letting go of the witness. Even when the mind becomes perfectly still, there we are, watching it, afraid to let go of our control, even the control of the silence. This “I” who watches our every action creates the deepest separation. The choice is yours, the choice is mine. That’s really the most wonderful thing. Sometimes it seems we would try to give away that freedom; give somebody else the power to do it for us. Where would be the freedom in that? We wouldn’t ultimately be satisfied with that because it wouldn’t be our own. It’s a marvelous fact of nature that we are the only ones who can do it. It’s not a curse. It is a vow; a vow that we reaffirm ceaselessly.

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The Witness Empty Re: The Witness

Post by Spirit-Being March 5th 2010, 11:37 am

Wonderful Excerpt WhiteShaman Very Happy

I must say that through my own experiences i have learned through many of the egos that have surfaced in my life. Would i have learned these same valuable lessons without these experiences, that i'm not sure of but i do know that i did learn valuable lessons. Do i like when i act out an Ego that surfaces, not really but like i said i learned valuable lessons through these experiences. If i could be free from these egos would i want this, i would say "Yes" and i hope one by one this will be the case, but right now is what matters. Observing the workings of my own mind, and gaining a much greater understanding of this process.

As the excerpt said "We are the only ones that can do it"

This line for me means that no one can make the change for me or teach me the Lessons that i can only learn through my own experiences.

Many Blessings

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