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A Channelled Message from Spirit

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A Channelled Message from Spirit Empty A Channelled Message from Spirit

Post by Parafest March 31st 2010, 2:08 pm

The Chattering of Teeth

Spoken Word from Isaac [He who is of the Light]

My friends, indeed my family as always it is a great pleasure and honour to come before you to bring guidance to bring insight indeed to hopefully bring a stirring within each and everyone of you. I will try to be as brief as possible but equally give you an insight as to our true desires.

I myself, like so many of us here in the realms of Spirit have come before you over your historical time line in many forms and methods, some have welcomed us and our words others however have scorned us and the very concept of our existence choosing to ignore us, but we have never given up on you our family in the physical realm, we strive all the more to give you an understanding of your pathways, we strive in the hope you not only now hear our words but will act upon them and now in your more modern and progressive society as time moves so swiftly you need to begin acting on our words.

From the beginning of time itself through to your present day mankind gather in many groups be it from smaller home gatherings to gatherings of what you call Congress or Parliament or within your United Nations or in some other form and we feel great frustration at the bickering and chattering teeth between you all, arguing over whom is right or whom is wrong, whom lays claim to have power and authority, when the clear and present answers lay before and in all.

Mankind has developed such Ego and self-pride, a stubbornness which is causing your downfall, it is slowly destroying the existence of a common bond amongst you, a bond of unity and of love. Even we see within your own Spiritual community’s so many try to place themselves upon a pedestal try to emulate themselves as messengers of Spirit, yet and in all truthfulness all they are doing is endeavouring to preach there own ideology to those who are sheep like enough to follow but and alas still no positive action is prevailed.

Within the physical realm a clear pattern has emerged, a pattern dominated by the influences of negativity, a World drawn slowly and ever increasingly away from the path of its original design, designed that you my family would live as a family, a family of enlightened souls, merging together as one united in fellowship of love and the light of Spirit. Within each of you a development began from the beginning of your existence, continued on varying levels each and every time of your rebirth, a continuation to make things right within yourself, a continuation to strive to clarity of your existence and purpose, but upon each and every rebirth you have all been engulfed by the society’s that have progressed in a less than enlightened way, as such your struggles have been for many a torment, a struggle, a struggle within yourself for buried deep within you al is the knowledge and understanding that the existence you now have means so much more and this is why so many state in your realm that they know there is more to life, they began seeking, they begin looking for something they already have within them, but and instead of listening to us they fall under the spell of the many whom claim to work with us and for us, but are only the ones that are desiring to be on the pedestal of recognition. Many of you will state outwardly, this does not refer to me for I am not amongst these kind, so be it, we then ask this question of you, if this be the case then “ Where Are You”? Where are you when we call upon you to come together, to gather together as one?

Fear not the cruelty of others in your realm; fear not the retributions you may attract for your faith and belief in Spirit, but stand firm, for you are never alone.
It is so true the words recently uttered by the channel through whom I now communicate when he said. “ If you talk to Spirit or God it is classed as prayer”, however if you make statement that Spirit or God talks to you, it is classed as schizophrenia.

You live in a realm of madness, a madness that is deemed normality and with the exception of handfuls of individuals your realm is a loveless realm, one of which those whom ascend to the higher realms of Spirit when they leave their physical existence become aware and this is why they return over and over to you speaking of the importance of love and unity, a love that should unite and not divide.

So once again we of Spirit come before you to ask if you will listen to our message.
We have spoken to many through your history and many have heard and understood the processes involved to unite your World, but as always the stubbornness and Ego of your race precedes always, through fear or through pride or through laziness you forge no further forward but the time of change is upon you, you cannot afford to merely sit back and allow others to do all the hard work for you to feel you can merely step up at the given time, you need to be a part of the process of change, you need to step up now and act together as one World, a World of people that can state enough is enough.

We called forth to your realm through varying channels in the year 2006, a calling that we made for your assistance but to also show to us your true integrity, we asked for you to gather together in different country’s around your World, to unite together for a greater good.
Through this gathering you would assist in enabling many of our Brothers and Sisters to pass into the Light, many whom for numerous years within your history have been unable to do so for varying reasons and of those who did gather, a wonderful energy of love and light, a Beacon of Light was created globally thereby passing over myriads of our family, but this was only able to occur for a short period so plans were placed in motion for the gathering to re-occur in they years 2008, 2010 and finally 2012.

You are now in the year 2010 and fast approaching is the year 2012, a very significant year, but and for now it is asked of you to seek out the organisers of this gathering a gathering known in your realm as PARAFEST, a gathering that will lead to the benefit of your World and to your ancestors.

The time of change is upon you my friends, the time to stop sitting back and feeling that what you in any form of Spiritual capacity is sufficient but it is your time, your time to act, your time to come forward and show your love and integrity for Spirit by assisting us at this time of importance in your history.

May you all continue to walk in the Light of Spirit, may you continue to feel the Love we bring to you all daily in your Life, may you now Unite together as one.

ยท This message was channelled through Trance Medium David Wharmby [UK] and we ask all of you whom read this message or hear it to make that connection Isaac has asked of you by emailing the organisers parafestinfo@aol.com or please do visit the website designed to give you more information www.parafest.info . If you also NOW feel drawn to be a part of this wonderful event and are prepared to organise a gathering in your country please do contact us.

Love and Light to All


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A Channelled Message from Spirit Empty Re: A Channelled Message from Spirit

Post by Linda March 31st 2010, 6:51 pm

WOW! I would like to do more than sit back and watch, I will be visiting the site to see how I can help. Linda Loves

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A Channelled Message from Spirit Empty Re: A Channelled Message from Spirit

Post by Spirit-Being April 2nd 2010, 10:21 am

Welcome to Spirits Journey Forums Parafest Very Happy

Please make yourself at home, and i hope you enjoy yourself here.

Parafest wrote:Even we see within your own Spiritual community’s so many try to place themselves upon a pedestal try to emulate themselves as messengers of Spirit, yet and in all truthfulness all they are doing is endeavouring to preach there own ideology to those who are sheep like enough to follow but and alas still no positive action is prevailed.

I must admit this paragraph stood out to me like a neon sign, i believe we are all messengers of Spirit, we all have our moments where we can relay messages from Spirit.

I learn things from the most unlikely of sources usually from my mistakes. If we don't make the mistakes how can one learn from them, it is a process that will lead to greater understanding.

I am very critical when it comes to others Drinking, Smoking, Drugging, i only want whats best for others, i Love all people, but in the process i know it is what they need to go through, but i still have a hard time with it. i do not hate for that is not part of my vocabulary, i have thrown this word away, because all it has ever done is cause myself more misery. I am not perfect, i make many mistakes in my life, sometimes i wish i was perfect. But people that believe that they are perfect, well maybe they are. Maybe we all are, but i fail to see it in myself at the moment. Whoever created all of us, i myself use the word God, does not create garbage, we are all Beautiful, Man & Woman, and all of Life.

I think the grouping is Wonderful Parafest, i do hope many will join and create a much needed balance for Life.

Many Blessings

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A Channelled Message from Spirit Empty Re: A Channelled Message from Spirit

Post by d-knots April 8th 2010, 6:06 pm

I am sorry that was wild....

a date and everything....LOL


as some would say "KUMMA MATATA" no worries.... Wave

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A Channelled Message from Spirit Empty Re: A Channelled Message from Spirit

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