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The Infinite Wheel of Grace

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The Infinite Wheel of Grace Empty The Infinite Wheel of Grace

Post by Guest March 7th 2011, 5:49 am

The Infinite Wheell of Grace

Once upon a time there was many Universes in the Creation but One of all this universes sudenly manifested difrent from the all others.
All the others when they saw His Greatness they wonder what was his ways and secrets to become to such unique form and They loved
Him.They all united and decided to propose him something and of course find out His secrets.
When They went to Him they asked him :
_ You great and wonderfull,how come you have reached such a form? And will You be willing to reaveal your Secret to us?
_Are you talking to me my dears neighbors?
_Yes with You wonderfull Greatest! We want to be like You, so We ask permision so you can tell us your Secret!
_Very well my brothers! I will reveal to all of you my Secret but be aware that What i am and what i was and allways be it is not that easy to fulfill! If you will want to reach to be like me and possible more Great then me for to know my Secret i will be willing to reaveal to all you that want to know it but they will be Laws you must honor and folow if you will want to be a One like Me.
_Tell us you Great One,we do want to be One like and yes we will honor your Laws to become One like You!
_So be it my dear ones,lisen to me what am i about to say :
The first Law will be for you to forget of yourselfs into all,and lose all your prezent greatness that you are! And you will have to be born into myself onces again and know the pain. You will be like as a round hole and this round you will own alone, with sweat and striving you will work to fill it. You will have to be broken into two and through forgetfulness in experiences you will become into who you will decide to become because freewill you will always have. To a great wheel you will have to spin to an infinit becouse that I was and i am and always be.
_ Oh, but you wonderful Great the laws of your Secret dose not sound so difficult to fulfill ! Yes we can do all that !
_ Oh, my dear ones,do not to hasten and feast so soon because the wheel of infinity is not all easy, coz fatigue you can never have, to my wheel many they came to spin but not many could spin !
_ You Great One, we want to try and spin but will you give us a helping hand to do this?
_ I will give you help with my hands to spin and your Parent i will be,as your Mother, Father,Brother,Sister,Friend you will know Me and My Children you will Be !
_Then Great One, open Your gate for us and let us in, so the wheel let us spin !
_ I open the door to you and my children you will be and together the wheel we will spin and to the infinit into inside me, my eaquals you will become and be!

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The Infinite Wheel of Grace Empty Re: The Infinite Wheel of Grace

Post by Spirit-Being July 25th 2011, 4:58 pm

Love your post EliB13 Loves

What i felt after reading this, was one must become new, emptying the cup so that new Insights can take root, being open and alive. There is so many illusions that can Blind us from the Truth. Be New as a Child and allow Wonderful Experiences to Happen.

Many Blessings

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