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Loss Buddhism in Java

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Loss Buddhism in Java Empty Loss Buddhism in Java

Post by sarangga December 10th 2011, 9:08 am

This is the height and great secret in indonesian spritual, about Buddhism Deva, ghost java vs Wali Muslim. In indonesian can not publication.

Why Busshism loss in Java?
And Buddhism will come back in Java after 500 years old. Now buddhism coming in Java since 1975.

Sabdapalon was a priest and adviser to Brawijaya V, the last ruler of the Hindu empire Majapahit in Java. He was mentioned in Darmagandhul, a Javanese spiritual story. He was also said to have cursed his king upon the conversion of the latter to Islam in 1478. Sabdapalon then promised to return, after 500 years and at a time of widespread political corruption and natural disasters, to sweep Islam ...

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Loss Buddhism in Java Empty Re: Loss Buddhism in Java

Post by sunmystic December 10th 2011, 1:19 pm

Loss Buddhism in Java Borobudur02


Here is an article that gives some back ground to what Sarangga is presenting in the OP.

Some excerpts from that article:

is the second oldest religion in Indonesia, just after Hinduism.
Before the arrival of these two religions, people believed
that nature had supernormal power. Trees and stones were worshipped
as sacred object, where beings with supernormal power reside. Hinduism
came to Indonesia at around the second century. The first
two major kingdoms (Tarumanegara in Western Java and Kutai
in Western Borneo) were based on Hinduism. Buddhism came to
Indonesia a few hundred years after
It reached its peak at the time of the Sriwijaya's dynasty
rule, which was once the largest Buddhist kingdom in South
East Asia, from around the 7th century until the 14th century.
During that time, many Buddhist colleges and monasteries were
built, and famous Buddhist scholars, such as Dharmapala and
Sakyakirti, were teaching there.
major Buddhist kingdom was the Mataram kingdom, which was
ruled by the Sailendra clan during the eight and ninth century
in Central Java. Many Buddhist temples were built and Buddhist
texts were inscribed on the stones tablets (called prasasti)
during this time."

Revival of Buddhism

In 1934, Venerable Narada Thera, a famous missionary monk from
Sri Lanka, visited Indonesia for the first time as part of his
journey to spread the Dhamma in Southeast Asia. This opportunity
was used by a few local Buddhists to revive Buddhism in Indonesia.
A Bodhi tree planting ceremony was held in front of Borobudur
on 10th March 1934 under the blessing of Narada Thera, and some
Upasakas were ordained as monks.
In about 1955,
Buddhism started to make a comeback in Indonesia
when a monk called Ashin Jinarakkhita started a tour across
various regions in Indonesia to spread the Dharma. Since that
time there has been a revival of Theravada Buddhism in Indonesia
led by indigenous monks trained in Thailand, although the
Mahayana tradition is still well represented.

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