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David Stanley Bell.

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David Stanley Bell. Empty David Stanley Bell.

Post by Vanilla2 December 27th 2011, 4:12 am

"No Guru or Master can teach you anything that isn't already inside you.
They can help you in seeing what you are not seeing, in awakening to your true nature.
We can bring experts into our lives, but you are the authority on your life.
No-one can think your thoughts or make changes in your life but you."
~David Stanley Bell ~

"Once we have become a Master at some stage of development,
it is time to become the student again."
~David Stanley Bell ~

"The difference between how we want to be
and how we actually behave is our awareness and our fears.
Fears bind us to old habits like glue
in the regions of ourselves where our true voice should be speaking.
We find our true selves as we become fearless.
Fear is one of the most popular means of control.
We can only be controlled by consent."
~David Stanley Bell ~


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