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Whale Medicine

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Whale Medicine Empty Whale Medicine

Post by HypnoDude February 4th 2009, 8:40 pm

Whale Medicine
Spirit Of The Sea

Native Americans teach us that the Great Spirit speaks to us through our animal brethren. The whale is one animal that we can learn from. Whales have existed for over 50 million years and are considered to be record-keepers who possess knowledge of the past.

It is through the vibrations of their unique sound that they release this ancient wisdom to us. At the same time, their sound carries across such great distances that whales can enter the realm of the future where they can acquire knowledge of what is to come. Every whale sings a song, and they never repeat the same pattern when they sing their song. Since whales must be conscious at all times in order to breathe, they cannot afford to fall into an unconscious state for too long. Never completely asleep, their brain has constant access to the collective unconscious where all answers lie. Whales float peacefully, secure in the ocean environment that supports and sustains them.

You can learn from the wisdom of whales by remembering to express what’s uniquely yours. Each of us has a unique "song" or gift to offer the world. Your song is meant to be sung by you and heard by others. No one else can sing this song but you, and your song is medicine for the healing of the planet. Like whales, you can choose to access information about the future when you go into a meditative state. Whales teach us to look at where we came from and where we are headed. Knowing that our past helps shape our future, we can remember to make positive choices regarding our lives, the environment, and our world. Like whales, we can remember to stay awake and actively engaged in a universe that supports and sustains us. When we express ourselves and share our unique gifts, we add our wisdom and vibration to the planet.

The Daily Om

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Whale Medicine Empty Re: Whale Medicine

Post by Dreamer February 5th 2009, 10:25 am

That is very interesting!
unfortunately at the moment all I can picture is Dory in Finding Nemo LOL
Whale Medicine Cartoon_183
Maybe Dory was onto something...hmmmmm.......

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Whale Medicine Empty Re: Whale Medicine

Post by Spirit-Being February 5th 2009, 4:14 pm

Wow! I am truly amazed, that was very inspiring. I always knew whales were special, i am a lover of the sea growing up close to the ocean my whole life. How wonderful it would be to actually see a whale in it's own environment. When you mentioned this i can see the whale out at sea with "wilson" the volley ball, and "Tom Hanks" you remember the movie Cast Away? Anyhow i do believe whales hold the keys to knowledge. The are beings unlike any in the ocean, they seem so peaceful. Having to be aware throughout there lives keeps them open, i can definitely see this.

I read something in the Dream Book i am reading and would like to share this with you, i feel it relates to this story very well.

"Eastern spiritual traditions teach that we go through our lives half-asleep to the nature of reality."

This is very true in my case, just recently i started to practice being more aware in my everyday life. This story is of true significance.

I found something i needed to share, i am not trying to over step your post HypnoDude i just found alot of inspiration in it and decided to look up the symbolism of the whale. So here it is

(Awakening inner depths, Creativness, Good providers, Generous, Power Song)

The Whale is the world's largest mammal and is the ancient symbol of
creation whether it is of the body or the world. Whales have air holes on top of
their backs which represents releasing and freeing your own creative
energies.Whales have an ancient knowledge of how to use the creative force of
breath for a variety of purposes. The beautiful songs of the male whale teaches
us how to be creative through sound and song by listening within and singing
forth your own song.The whale can teach you how to tap into your inner reaches
of the mind and even accelerate your manifested goals, they must stay in contact
with the real world once in a while. Awakening great depths of creativeness &
inspiration with great amounts of colorful lights in and around you in your daily
life.Go forth and sing to your hearts content and heal the world.


So being more aware in our lives, just like the whale, would be absolutely beneficial to our growth.

What knowledge are we missing?

We also have access to this vast knowledge. Great Story HypnoDude Very Happy

Many Blessings

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Whale Medicine Empty Re: Whale Medicine

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