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Something for everyone to think about

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Something for everyone to think about Empty Something for everyone to think about

Post by beautydylan June 10th 2012, 6:13 pm

Why do people feel the need to judge others? It’s rather sad the way
people seem to have this idea that everyone should be pigeonholed into
groups and anyone who sticks their neck out immediately gets shouted
down by everyone else. Shouldn’t we all be thinking about improving
ourselves? Everyone has something about themselves they need to work on
to evolve spiritually. No one should be made to feel bad because of
their opinions or ideals.

Everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to explain
themselves and to improve their behaviour, sometimes people don't act
like their usual selves because they're having a bad day or whatever,
this doesn't mean they should be labelled and written off as being
"worthless" or "crazy". All it means is that in that moment they need
someone to hold out a hand to help them along the path called “life”
Some people can dance along the path with no difficulties, others need
to work harder to get to the same point.

No one’s perfect, we all have issues we need to deal with, some have
more issues handed to them than others. Why destroy people’s dreams
about what they can work towards? Why say to them “You don’t deserve
that, you’re not worth anything”? Everyone’s worth something even if
they don’t feel like they do (for example I have moments where I feel
like a pile of cat poop in the garden is worth more than me), I know
from my own experience that the worst thing someone can possibly do to
someone who’s struggling is judge them for their pain. Take another
example – someone in pain because the one they love most is no longer
around, do they deserve being judged for the fact they’re grieving for
that person? Do people deserve judging if they lose a much loved pet?

Another point – what about people who have seen people die in war?
Watched their own best friend die in agony as they get blown apart?
Should they get judged for their pain? Should their needs get swept
under the carpet? Just some stuff for everyone to think about – even if I
only get one person to stop and think writing this will have been worth

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Something for everyone to think about Empty Re: Something for everyone to think about

Post by Vanilla2 June 11th 2012, 11:33 am

I guess to boost someones ego, and give them even more power, they like nothing better than to put someone further down, than they are already feeling.

Some people just prey on the weak.

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Something for everyone to think about Empty Re: Something for everyone to think about

Post by d-knots June 13th 2012, 9:53 am

My first thought was whoever that is wants

There is good and bad control.
If say your dad yells at you that you can't have
a pet cat because the kit poops in the garden
allegedly .... He wants to control his garden
for whatever his reason and/or possibly control
you and your joys/responsibilities/life (choose
one or some).
And for the safety of us and others rules are
made (like morals) to control masses of people;
there are consequences if you get caught
breaking rules. I just don't want to live like
a fearful criminal all my life so I follow the
rules and not let my wantoness drag me down.
It's never easy just at the back of our mind
and we retrieve the memories when we need them.

We are ourselves living with our self
and within a group of "social" people.

Best is to pay ones own bills and have a pet
cat if you like.

I also am faced with not having a pet where
I live and it breaks my heart. What more
if anything happend to my family who has
cats who will take care of them since I am
very bonded to them. Where will I live.

Right now I choose my situation. Who will
open the doors to me with four cats... LOL

Thinking is very important and planning and
searching is just as important.

We do choose where and with whom we
live within our current available choices.

Time Really Heals

Eventually, in time we put those powerful feelings
to the back of our mind - doesn't mean we forget -
and continue forward in Life; Going Forward .... Living : )
Rose Yellow Heal Thyself With What Brings You Joy!
It can be small or it can be large
It can be invisible or everyone can notice it
It can be all your own or you can tell everyone about it!

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Something for everyone to think about Empty Re: Something for everyone to think about

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