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It was so real

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It was so real Empty It was so real

Post by Assumpta March 10th 2013, 8:30 am

The other night I had a dream that I can still remember. We live in a cavehouse and in my dream the mountain where our cavehouse is featured but not the house itself. There was a road running up the side of the mountain and there were properties there but they seemed to be shops. I then found myself in a large church, there were 3 priests, one of whom was a good friend of mine who was a vicar. We were told to go to one of the priests so I ofcourse chose my friend. The service continued though that in itself is not that clear, at the end my friend took hold of my hand and then asked me to say one 'hail mary', this I did and then I suddenly woke up.

I feel that this should have some meaning but for the life of me I can't explain what. Can anyone help please?

It was so real 220146

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It was so real Empty Re: It was so real

Post by Aussiepom March 10th 2013, 8:55 am

We need June here,Maureen.... Very Happy

A good interrupter of dreams.

I would say you are being urged to keep your religion going,Maureen.
Never lose faith in God.
He is always around him listening to your prayers.

Joan Wave


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It was so real Empty Re: It was so real

Post by Vanilla2 March 10th 2013, 9:54 am

( Cave )

To dream of a cave represents mental or emotional retreat, sanctuary, or a psychological safe haven. Caves symbolize the manner in which you think to escape problems, or prevent yourself from feeling pain, or harm to the ego. Often a symbol that appears during an transition or upsetting situation.

To emerge from a cave in dream represents renewed strength, certainty, or confidence.

( Mountains )

To dream of mountains represents large obstacles or challenges in your life.

To dream of being on top of a mountain represents achievement and realization of goals. An obstacle or challenge has been overcome.

To dream of a snowy mountain represents a large obstacle in your life that you perceive to be under terrible conditions.

Example: A young man dreamed of being on top of a mountain. In waking life he had finally gotten the courage to ask a girl he liked out on a date.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carrying notes and research up a mountain and being disappointed when she got to the top. In waking life she was in the middle of writing a book and felt that a prestigious job offer was pointless.

( Church )

To dream of a church represents your need for answers to a life problem that is bothering you. You need insight, a solution, or some kind of guidance about what direction to take, or why something is happening to you. You may have reached a crossroads.

You may be asking yourself "What am supposed do with this situation?" or "What am supposed to do my life now?"

Alternatively, a church may symbolize the totality of your religious faith. How faithful you feel or your opinion about your faith.

To dream of church basement may represent a problem, crisis, or test of faith. It may also reflect difficulty or terribleness as you try to figure out why something is happening to you.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a church that was on fire and thought standing at the pulpit would protect him while it continued to burn. In waking life he was dying of AIDS and thought returning to his old job as a minister was his falling calling. Two weeks later he died.

( Priest )

To dream of a priest (not a preacher) represents moral obligation, or ensuring that principles are adhered to. You or a situation in your life may require a stronger sense of discipline, fairness, or proper conduct.

A priest may be a sign that something in your life is interesting you in conservative behavior or staying away from bad habits or situations.

Excerpts taken from....... Link....


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It was so real Empty Re: It was so real

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