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Creative Intuition

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Creative Intuition Empty Creative Intuition

Post by Guest May 19th 2013, 4:05 am

Building a philosophy of self is like seeing faces in clouds.
First one sees just the clouds and if the face does not first appear one resorts to all sorts of maneuvers.
Closing the eyes,leaving the picture, standing on ones head and more.
Suddenly, the face appears.The creative awareness within one has brought
a face from what previously was chaos.
The processes of self understanding is so similar.
One looks and studies.At first there is just chaos.
Which seems to get worse not better over time.
Eventually one just says enough and throws everything away.
Jumps of a mental cliff and lets go.
That is when the creative intuition kicks in.
Perhaps in sleep or in the bath or riding a bus
An awakening occurs.
There is a shift inside and one just knows this is good.
There is a clarity which was not there before.
So it goes.Just a beginning of an endless awakening.
There is however a sense of Presence which embraces
and hugs one,and very quietly whispers well done my little one.

With many thanks to Laura Ann ,Joan and John for the inspiration.
This is for you three

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Creative Intuition Empty Re: Creative Intuition

Post by laura ann May 19th 2013, 9:31 am

It is a process of seeing what is to others unseen. It is around us everywhere once one learns to relax and just allows or permits themselves to see it . Then so many things become clearer. Things that made no sense years or days ago. it is like a parable that one has suddenly gained full understanding of.
At this point a new world / universe opens up. It seems to happen when a person is ready for what they may see. No fear only understanding of it is a gift like so many others.
huggles Stephen
laura ann
laura ann

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Creative Intuition Empty Re: Creative Intuition

Post by Aussiepom May 19th 2013, 11:35 am

Thank you,Stephen a lovely thought.. Hugs

I mostly get my inspiration from browsing sometimes. Sometimes while sitting outside on a sunny day,I scan the sky. Not only clouds but hues of blue and white mixed together. Sometimes a leafy tree. Watch the pattern of the leaves and see what pictures they form.

It's like looking at a photo taken of a crowd. Look between the people on the photo. Mostly black and white pictures.

Do you see a face? An imagery face sometimes,but is it really there? Do we actually see what is there but common sense says it isn't....

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Creative Intuition Empty Re: Creative Intuition

Post by Guest May 19th 2013, 11:38 am

I see I am in contact with very inspiring people.
I like that.Thank you all.

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Creative Intuition Empty Re: Creative Intuition

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