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Post by laura ann June 20th 2020, 6:05 pm

I just reread a reading I did on you 7 Seven years ago  and did the proverbia OMG !!!!!!
okay above her is clearly two people heads facing each other. one male one female. this could be the twins isis  and Osiris again preparing the way and  are assisting you at this time in  all things  especially Love. and above their heads is the biggest darn balloon I ever saw on a paper . I is huge.
I believe she is trying to tell me two people around you now are sending  and giving you  enormous amounts of love. and in this balloon is  a another dragon . The dragon is blowing downward at  you. This is clearly lifes breath being  blown to you  and healigng and energy coming your  way  from the   two people,   dragon, from  your own self love, from the universe.

OMG I now wonder if the  image I saw  fortold of Ricky's conception and all the things that happened with his birth etc. Timing would be about right .
and the parts about arguments and problems fits in  etc etc

amazing what is shown/told that makes no sense but years down the road it all falls into place
laura ann
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