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Crop circles

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Crop circles Empty Crop circles

Post by 23luda23 August 4th 2009, 2:43 am

Crop circles are geometrical formations of flattened crops found in many countries but mainly in England. They have been found in wheat, barley, canola, rye, corn, linseed and soy.
Crop circles Crop_circles1
There has been much controversy concerning the origins of crop circles. However contactees now testify to the origins of much “crop circles”. One contactee who has been willing to identify himself as ‘Adrian’ to crop circle special investigative researcher Sean David Morton.

Adrian testifies that alien races from the Andromeda Galaxy are one of the main extraterrestrial races most responsible for crop circles. He further makes representation from his reported alien contact with this Off-world civilization from the Andromeda Galaxy, that “the crop circles are intended both to inspire humans with the possibility of extraterrestrial communications, and to warn those of the consequences of their actions to control and manipulate humanity”, which in part, takes the form of so-called “Globalization”.

Andromedans are apparently seekers of “peace and wisdom”, who are concerned with “the collapse of the social, cultural and environmental consciousness of civilization” on Earth. Earthbound elites are apparently pursuing such a ‘collapse’️ to institutionalize in their “New World Order” greed-driven “Globalization” agenda. These Earthbound elites constitute a political-military-industrial complex.

More info here http://www.ufomystic.com/the-redfern-files/crop-circle-makers/

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Post by parrotlover100 August 5th 2009, 2:59 pm

I find these crop circles very interesting.All we can do is speculate on how they came about.We have no known facts on who or what caused them.But they are amazing and i feel they are out of this world.Thank you for sharing this mystery. Thank You Very Happy Good Post

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Crop circles Empty Re: Crop circles

Post by Spirit-Being August 5th 2009, 3:31 pm

I read something interesting the other day on Voyagers web site about crop circles and how and why they were made it makes sense that something is telling us something through these symbols. How many people overlook them it must be a sign, they are so perfectly geometrical shapes that i feel no people have the ability to weild any such tools to create these amazing symbols. And what would be the purpose if one could?

luda wrote:Andromedans are apparently seekers of “peace and wisdom”

I would have to believe andromedans are not of this world, and i do feel that there are other civilizations seeing how destructive we actually are, to ourselves and to this earth. I wonder do we appreciate who we are and the earth?

I hope and pray that all of humanity will become grateful for who we are and where we live.

Many Blessings

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Crop circles Empty Re: Crop circles

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