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Want vs Need

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Want vs Need Empty Want vs Need

Post by Spirit-Being September 24th 2009, 12:08 pm

For some time i have noticed that wanting and needing are very different, throughout my life i have used the word want much more than the word need. I used to say far to often I want this or I want that. For the past year give or take i have come to the realization that doing the things that need to be done over what i want to do is much more healthier and fulfilling.

What are your views on wants & needs?

Many Blessings

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Want vs Need Empty Re: Want vs Need

Post by Vanilla2 September 24th 2009, 12:59 pm

"Want" is very materialistic, we now live in an age that everybody "wants" it now, I too have fallen into that trap, now after a few months of money shortage I have found that some of the things I once craved for, are no longer craved, I now can only buy what I "need" it has taught me a lesson to not be so spontaneous or impulsive, to let at least a day pass, then see if you still "want" it, you will find that you do not.
Now at last I am saying that I "need" it, that sounds much more genuine.

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Want vs Need Empty Re: Want vs Need

Post by WhiteShaman September 24th 2009, 1:44 pm

This seems like a good place to share this awesome find! It’s a website with a 6 week course on visualization and it’s free online!
It relates to this thread because we can and maybe should seek out our wants as well as our needs. We create our own reality all the time, we can do it consciously or we will be doing it subconsciously. Our wants, to me, are our subconscious needs and we should seek them out, so that we can learn why they are in our thoughts. If we only ask for what we need, we will only get what we need. It doesn't have to be materialistic it could be for enjoyment!
I only read a portion of it so far and I think many of you will find it informative.
Here is the site:

and here is an excerpt:
“When we operate within the New World View which emphasizes relationship and interconnectedness, and perceives the outer world as being an extension of the inner world, we can rewrite—in fact, reverse—the law of cause and effect. According to the New World View, we can now have effect before cause.
The law of effect before cause, as with cause and effect, requires us to determine a goal. But instead of having to figure out what the necessary causes to accomplish that goal are, we use the mind to focus on the effect we want and then allow the causes (whatever they turn out to be) to come into play. This is why it’s called creative visualization, because our act of focusing through visualization creates the cause(s) necessary to bring about the desired effect. It may sound too good to be true, at first, but it’s not! We know the law of effect before cause is legitimate due to what we’ve learned from the research done in the field of quantum mechanics—an important branch of the new physics. Quantum mechanics has shown us that physical matter does indeed respond to the human mind.”

Excerpt 2
“You may find it difficult to believe that it’s possible for something to be happening in front of a person yet remain invisible to them! To help explain how this is possible, I like to share an old but well-documented story in my classes.
Back in the days when Darwin was traveling around the world gathering data for his scientific research, he anchored his ship, the Beagle, off the Patagonian coast. His crew got into small rowboats to make the trip from the Beagle to the shore. Amazingly, the Patagonian natives were unable to see the Beagle, only the small boats approaching. From the natives’ perspective, suddenly out of nowhere, white men in boats appeared in the water!
Now the natives had seen small boats before, but had never seen a ship as large as the Beagle and did not have the data—the mental constructs, if you will—to recognize one when it was right in front of them! For them, the horizon was unbroken. I like to think of it this way: the stimuli (data) entered the brain via the eyes, but found no matching nerve endings to “twang” in recognition. So for the natives, nothing along the lines of a huge ship registered. At least not until the shaman—the magic man of the tribe with expanded powers of perception—taught them how to see the Beagle.”

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Want vs Need Empty Re: Want vs Need

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