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Remember This Tao Verse

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Remember This Tao Verse Empty Remember This Tao Verse

Post by A Darth Vader November 25th 2009, 8:12 pm

In Lao-Tzu's words-

Hereby I own nothing and I take nothing,
I only borrow.
I love like a boy
And I rest like a baby.
I am not the Tao
I only say it.
I am not a philosopher
I am education.

People that hate have not the Tao
Only people that respect are the Tao
I am not the Tao
I am A Tao
And people that are Tao
Are A Tao.

Tao is magic
Open your eyes
And listen
You see.
Everything is magic
Not one thing goes unnoticed.
All the way things are claimed.
Nothing I have is without change
But things seem important,
No thing is more important.

My friend Emmanuel says -
I am afraid too many people are wanderers, they need to forget themselves and satisfy more considerate. Here the Tao is admonished, and people are stuck on improving but the Tao expects it and it matures the soul to respect themselves as they are and to not seek to be someone they're not. People say it's not a Religion, but it is, Religion is a way of life. People say that it's not on good and evil but it is, good and evil are lost in touch just because mercy versus snide is given in and the Tao understands that but it speaks of it in a way that protects danger from the battle. Tao is simple, this is the key to Taoism, to simplify all.
A Darth Vader
A Darth Vader

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Remember This Tao Verse Empty Re: Remember This Tao Verse

Post by Spirit-Being December 21st 2009, 1:26 am

There is so much to think about in those words you share. I am not quite sure how to interpret it but what comes to me is the path is long but glorious it is the guiding way to all eternity, to find in the end the Beauty we have always looked for, be the one to shine your Light out as far out as life exists.

Happy Holidays

Many Blessings

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Remember This Tao Verse Empty Re: Remember This Tao Verse

Post by Manchester August 1st 2011, 8:02 pm

I had to read this Tao verse twice. And the second time was better than the first. It's quite brilliant. Tks. Good Post

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Remember This Tao Verse Empty Re: Remember This Tao Verse

Post by peaceandkarma August 2nd 2011, 7:38 pm

I like these verses where you have to look bewteen the lines to see the true meaning.

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Remember This Tao Verse Empty Re: Remember This Tao Verse

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