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Universal Energy

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Universal Energy Empty Universal Energy

Post by Wind-Dancer December 26th 2008, 9:10 am

I am the gentle breeze
that rustles thru the trees
I am the mighty storm that
rushes from the seas

I am the warmth of the sunshine
on a warm summer day
I am the snowflakes that fall
on mountaintops far away

I am the tears you cry
that run down your face
I am the laughter
of the entire human race

I am the rhythm of the universe
of sky land and sea
I am the energy of everything
now please take my hand
come and follow me

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Universal Energy Empty Re: Universal Energy

Post by Spirit-Being December 28th 2008, 8:58 am

Absolutely Beautiful

God is part of everything, The goodness of God is all around us. This poem is a wonderful teaching an awakening on my part, i sometimes tend to forget who i am, or why i am here. But in realizing that we are all special, we all help heal this world, and God is guiding us, if we listen.

Many Blessings

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Universal Energy Empty Re: Universal Energy

Post by in2_wishin December 30th 2008, 10:52 pm

Im loving that poem too. Very Happy

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Universal Energy Empty Re: Universal Energy

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