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Post by Wind-Dancer March 5th 2010, 12:05 pm

by Valerie Seaton (Used with Permission)

I wrote this poem for someone who has became a very, very dear friend to me. My husband’s ex-wife. We chose to forget the past and to give each other a fresh start, just as Jesus did for us.

For Teresa from Val

You cannot judge another when you look beyond what’s seen.
For out of hurt and anger, we do things that we don’t mean.

But in the eyes of forgiveness, there’s always a ray of light,
A chance to make things better, a chance to make things right.

For when you choose the path of love and refuse to act in hate,
You’ve started down the wonderful road that leads straight to Heaven’s gate.

From time to time as you travel that road, God gives you a special friend.
One who knows you in and out and stays through thick and thin.

I thank the Lord every single day for putting us on the same road.
You always lift my spirits and help to lighten my load.

It’s true they say our friendship’s rare, some even call it weird,
how the two of us have done this thing that others tend to fear.

We’ve looked beyond the picture painted by strokes of hurt and tears,
and chose to look toward the future, seeing many happy years.

There’s no need to question our friendship. I know why we’re so close.
Because when God gives a gift, it’s never the least. He always gives the most.

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judgement Empty Re: judgement

Post by d-knots March 6th 2010, 1:05 pm

"that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger".....LOL
Meditate Praying Praise Meditate Hugs Finger-Dance Clap Faint

not sure how all of these smilies fit in to this though it's nice to use them...LOL

It's nice to remember the "good times"
I know it's difficult to maintain an even keel
when another person is around all the time
and "me time" is hard to find...
Pride can be so stubborn it just causes
more problems.....
I like to surround myself with meditation
like the white light of the holy spirit
and colors of archangels and more angel helpers
like carrions who carry away evil/negitivity
i tend to have the "thuds" of negativity and
I have to rescue myself often.....at least I am aware
of how to quick remedy and used over time can be lasting....

Hooray! for Positive Thinking....

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judgement Empty Re: judgement

Post by 23luda23 March 10th 2010, 2:19 am

Great poem Wind-Dancer! Heart Pump

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judgement Empty Re: judgement

Post by Linda March 13th 2010, 10:44 am

Very Nice Wind-Dancer (-:

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judgement Empty Re: judgement

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