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True Power Behind Spiritual Objects

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True Power Behind Spiritual Objects Empty True Power Behind Spiritual Objects

Post by WriterRod July 6th 2010, 10:49 pm

Utilizing objects is an important part of spiritual practice. Placing a red, white, or black cloth on an alter, lighting certain colored candles for a ceremony or meditation, using a bowl of water for scrying, using objects decorated with a pentagram, yen and yang, or other symbols, etc, all provide meditative focus for any spiritual work or growth that we’re trying to achieve.

However, these things are just that, things, and do not actually contain much real spiritual power. True, everything contains a certain level and type of energy vibration, but these vibrations within themselves are not magic. True spiritual power comes from our ability to focus on a desired goal and then pull that desire into manifested reality. The power does not lie within the object, but within us.

Spiritual objects give our subconscious something to focus on and this is quite important, especially for a beginner who has not yet trained their mind and spirit to focus in-depth for an extended period of time. If we believe that lighting green candles will help with manifesting needed money then it is that belief that manifests the desire, not the green candles. However, if using the green candles helps us achieve a higher state of creative energy then that object is helpful and effective, although it doesn’t provide much spiritual energy in and of itself.

The power to manifest is our ability to transfer inner spiritual energy into the ether world and effectively use it to form that which we desire and pull it into the natural world. The more we achieve deeper levels of meditation and focus, the more we need to release our dependence on objects and simply use our mind and spirit to work any desired energy. These objects can easily become a crutch and hinder us from spiritual growth.

Using the example of green candles for drawing money, if we have an urgent need for extra cash, then we trust in the green candles for assistance in drawing that money to us. However, if we are out of green candles then we feel like we cannot effectively work the energy necessary to draw the desire because we are missing a key element in the meditation. It is not the absence of the green candles that defeats the process, but the BELIEF that we are hindered without the green candles.

I’m not saying to totally abandon objects within spiritual practice, but to end dependence on objects as a direct requirement of manifesting a desire. I have been involved in spiritual practice for over 30 years and still use objects to add strength to visualization and meditation techniques. However, I do not rely upon these objects as necessities.

If I am out and about and need a desired manifestation very soon then objects are not available or practical for such a situation. I need to focus now, visualize now, meditate now and release the sufficient energy necessary to manifest that need now. If I feel I have to wait to do my ritual until I have the necessary objects then I am defeated and miss the opportunity to create. I am basically crippled without my objects.

Spiritual objects can be effectively and successfully used as stepping stones to build a stronger and deeper meditative state and this is their purpose. They can also be readily used to strengthen the power of visualization at times. But always keep in mind that the focus of the power source is your spirit, not the objects. Creative energy abides deep within your subconscious and is released through meditation and visualization. The more that you can manifest desire into reality without using objects, the freer and more effective you become in producing results at any time and in any place.

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True Power Behind Spiritual Objects Empty Re: True Power Behind Spiritual Objects

Post by Spirit-Being July 13th 2010, 1:16 pm

I agree WriterRod, i have had a similar experience, i have depended on a certain kind of scented candle, that i have not been able to afford for some time now, during this time i felt somewhat stuck, i practiced Meditation here and there, but i felt there was a lack of Passion & Desire, that i would get much results. Doubt must have set in because i did not have the Spiritual Tools i though were necessary, to reach deep meditative states. Although i do Love the scents of the candles, i will start to Meditate daily for 5 minutes a day, until i feel comfortable to move the practice Longer. I need to prove to myself that i can still reach this deep meditative state, without these candles. Thanks so much very eye opening post.

Many Blessings

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True Power Behind Spiritual Objects Empty Re: True Power Behind Spiritual Objects

Post by Linda July 15th 2010, 2:16 pm

Good point WriterRod. My home and shop is full of statues and pictures and objects of Angelic and Spiritual/Religious nature. I know the "objects" themselves hold no power, but I enjoy having them around me as reminders of my faith. But there is one very special Cross that I have and can actually feel good energy from. The first day I put it on my desk at work I had it facing towards me. I decided to turn it around, towards the door so when people entered the shop, they could enjoy the beauty of the Cross. The moment I turned it in that direction, I saw flashes of sparkles emit from the bottom and spray into the air. (-:

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True Power Behind Spiritual Objects Empty Re: True Power Behind Spiritual Objects

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