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Ghosts Of Arkansas

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Ghosts Of Arkansas Empty Ghosts Of Arkansas

Post by Wind-Dancer January 30th 2009, 6:29 pm

By Kailey
Date: 2007-07-10
Country: United States
State: Arkansas
Category: Haunted Places

I was about 13 years old at this time, and my family and I were going to the Mayberry Inn to take photos and see if we can capture orbs or other spirits in the pictures. As I stepped out of the car and looked at the white inn hidden by dense foliage, I got the chills. I said "to anybody that is listening, I'm not here to harm you" and I heard a jingling noise and felt cold. I looked down and saw a pile of coins. I looked in the house and saw a young woman grinning a friendly smile at me.

I walked in the house and suddenly, I was struck by fear as I looked at the fireplace, where the owner of the Mayberry Inn burned his victims. I saw the girl and she was frowning, so I said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" and ran out of the house. I swiftly put the coins in my pocket that were in my fist.

We left after my mom's photos were taken and I put the coins in a little box, and that was all she wrote... Or so I thought. Ever since then, I've been seeing two little cats in my house that are not mine... And a human ghost. Before my visit to Mayberry Inn, I had a cat that died of natural causes, and occasionally I would see her walking about the house, and ever since I visited the Inn, she left. My mom says that you aren't supposed to accept gifts from ghosts because they will get in your house. I believe her now.

I rarely see the little cats anymore, and now it's the human. I feel someone watching me and holding my back every time I sit at the computer. I always look behind me. I feel cold, and like someone is staring at me. When I have my light off and it's dim and raining outside, they come into my room more. I don't really feel all that negative about them, but it freaks me out sometimes. It follows me wherever I go. Whenever I feel sad or depressed, the ghost is there and it feels comforting to me at times.

I have recently felt the little kittens laying on my bed as I was falling asleep. They were very comforting and soothing. I don't think this ghost dislikes me... I just think she wants help. I think she chose to come to my house because I suffer from sadness a lot, and so does she. She's a sad ghost, who wants peace, or maybe a friend. I don't mind the presence, and sometimes I like it.

All I have to say is, you may not be so lucky if you take a gift from a ghost... They may be angry, or even a demon, so be careful. No one likes a visit from a stranger at odd hours of the night.

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Ghosts Of Arkansas Empty Re: Ghosts Of Arkansas

Post by Spirit-Being January 30th 2009, 10:03 pm

Very Interesting

I have experienced a presence in the room with me many times, Her story excites me only for the simple fact that, when i read others experiences i find myself to be more sane and not so crazy lol

Sometimes i can even hear them speak to me telepathically, sometimes the words are nice & peaceful other times they are aggravated, and say things to try and scare me, but i have learned over the years to stand my ground and be firm and provide help if they need it.

I have felt evil or negative entities around me before and this was very unsettling at first, i was affected greatly because i did not know how to protect myself, i was new to all this. I was becoming open to something i did not understand. This woman's story is uplifting most Ghosts or even Spirits are generally passive, of course that very low percentage they can become a Nuisance.

I do like knowing that Ghosts or Spirits are around me, when i am open i can hear them, this is so wonderful that every time i am able to communicate i feel like a more perceptive person.

Great Story

Many Blessings

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