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The Playing Card Experiment

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The Playing Card Experiment Empty The Playing Card Experiment

Post by Spirit-Being July 28th 2011, 10:40 pm

I have yet to try this technique, i will update this post with my experiences.

Quoted from Astral Dynamics - Page 28

"A simple way of proving that real-time projection is an objective rather than a purely subjective experience is with a deck of cards.

Shuffle the deck and, without looking, lay one card face up on top of a wardrobe, cabinet or somewhere high up in your own home, preferably at least twenty feet (six metres) away from where your physical body will be.

Or tape the card to a window, facing outward, without looking at it. Do not use more than one card until you have some real success with this test. Do not try to guess the card. Guesswork – even simply wondering what the card is – can easily cause subconscious interference (reality fluctuations), which can make a genuine real-time observation extremely difficult.

If, for example, you try to guess or intuit what the card is, you may see the card you have guessed, instead of seeing the actual card. This can undermine the real-time observation with a small reality fluctuation and make the observation inaccurate.

At the very start of the projection, immediately move to where the card is and look at it. Glance at it only briefly, and remember it. When you are sure you can remember the card, re-enter your body, write down the card you saw, and then go check.

To give this test a fair go, keep it very short and do not try to do anything more during the projection. When you approach your physical body to re-enter it, hold the memory of this card firmly in mind and, quite literally, shout it out loud as you are re-entering, e.g. β€˜The Queen of Hearts! The Queen of Hearts!”

This will maximise your chances of remembering not only the projection, but also the face of the card you saw during the test. Please follow this procedure to the letter, or you may lose the memory not only of the card, but of the entire projection."

Has anyone tried this experiment with success?

If your interested in this technique, please try it out and share your experiences

Many Blessings

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